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  • Alvey Open Runner
    The Alvey open runner is a line guide that can be bound on to the rod above where the rod is normally held with the left hand, to bring the line closer to the finger guiding the line on to the reel.
    NZ$ 7.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Alvey Reel Oil Lubricant
    New technology has allowed vegetable oils to be cracked to produce high quality lubricating oils and greases.
    NZ$ 8.99
  • Alvey Rod Bucket Gimbal Belt
    Simple support for surf rods especially low reel mounted rods such a Alvey rod.

    NZ$ 19.99
  • Alvey 45BC Kayak Fishing Reel
    Perfect size for kayak fishing, robust, easily cleaned. Also suitable for general boat fishing.
    NZ$ 109.99
    NZ$ 99.99
  • Alvey 500B Sidecast Graphite Reel
    Light weight, 125mm Dia. Easy to cast, for surf, estuary or wharf.
    NZ$ 99.99
  • Alvey 625B Sidecast Distance Fishing Reel
    This reel features the strong metal side cast system mounted on an ultra strong light graphite back plate. A shallow spool gives a faster recovery rate than a normal 600 series reel and a great cast.
    NZ$ 159.99
    NZ$ 129.99
  • Alvey 6000BCVRR Side Cast Reel
    This Alvey reel has a rapid retrieve handle plate system. You can wind up to 30% faster with the smaller handle and have powerful 1:1 action to control a fish with the outer handle. A large tri-star nut gives excellent drag pressure. No gears, no bearings, no problems.
    NZ$ 226.99
  • Alvey 650BE1 Rock Hopper Sidecast Reel
    Medium surf reel, 165mm Dia., metal side cast mechanism, ideal for rock fishing, will
    take the knocks.
    NZ$ 227.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Alvey 700C5RR Sidecast Rapid Retrieve
    Alvey's largest diameter surf reel already has a good recovery rate and this has been improved with the addition of the rapid retrieve handle plate system to this reel. Up to 30% extra recovery rate can be achieved using the small handle, and fish stopping 1:1 power is available from the outer handle.
    NZ$ 308.99

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