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Medium Kite Fishing Rigs

Fish a wide range of winds. Cast up to 10 hooks 1000 meters or more offshore from your fishing rod or beach reel.
  • Flexiwing Conversion Kit
    The Flexiwing Fishing Kite Conversion Kit is a ready made kit suitable for large capacity reels spooled with 20 to 30kg line weights.

    NZ$ 199.99
  • Premium Flexiwing Conversion Kit
    The Premium Flexiwing Conversion Kit is a complete kite fishing system ready to fish from your rod and reel on either the east or west coasts.

    NZ$ 239.99
  • Premier Flexiwing Conversion Kit with Skyhook
    The Premier Flexiwing Conversion Kit is ready to fish from any large capacity boat reel or beach reel.

    NZ$ 299.99
  • Flexiwing Dropper Rig Kite Fishing Kit
    An ideal basic small dropper rig ready to fish clear sandy beaches. This rig is supplied pre-tied and ready to fish.

    NZ$ 369.99
  • Premium Flexiwing Dropper Rig
    A very popular small dropper rig kite fishing kit ready to fish clear sandy beaches on either the east or west coast.

    NZ$ 399.99
  • Premier Flexiwing Dropper Rig With Skyhook
    Because this kite fishing kit includes the Flexiwing Skyhook it can be fished in lighter winds.

    NZ$ 449.99

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