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Surfcasting Accessories

  • Alvey Open Runner
    The Alvey open runner is a line guide that can be bound on to the rod above where the rod is normally held with the left hand, to bring the line closer to the finger guiding the line on to the reel.
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  • Berley Mate Switch Berley Pellets 400g
    Berley Mate Switch Berley Pellets flavour the water with a stimulant and attractant. The active ingredients are absorbed through the fish’s receptors as it swims through the trail.
  • Berley Mate Long-life Rapid Berley Log
    Most frozen berleys melt within a hour of release and messy waste is left in your dispenser. Berley Mate berley lasts long enough for an average fishing session, even if you move to different spots.
  • Alvey Bait Box
    Bait buckets are designed to fit on the Alvey rod bucket belt and are UV stabilised. U
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  • Sinker Lock
    Revolutionary new product for recreational fishing. Sinker Lock keeps your sinker safely attached to your rod when not in use.
  • Metal Surf Rod Sand Spike 1100mm
    Keep your rod secure and close at hand. The Metal Surf Rod Sand Spike features simple designs that suit all popular rod formats. Current colour is blue.
  • Wasabi Small Gimbal Belt
    Designed for use with light tackle but also suitable for heavier spinning and jigging reels. Fast fitting Velcro belt with a removable stainless steel gimbal pin. Ideal for beach, rocks or boats.
  • Sunline Tapered Leaders
    Sunline Tapered leaders are the easiest solution for adding a shock leader to your surfcasting line.
  • Berley Mate Berley Pot Dispenser 1.2kg
    Berley Mate Berley Pot dispenser is essential for serious Berley Mate anglers. Designed to disperse at an effective rate, a Berley Mate log will the length of an average fishing trip when used in our dispenser.
  • Kilwell NZ Rock Spike 76cm
    Hot Dip Galvanised square bar rod holder for placing into crevices and holes. L 76cm
    Cushioned top loop and rod lean.
  • Letago Casting Aid
    The best casting aide available for surfcasters, whether using braided lines or nylon.

    Cast further than ever thought possible.
    No more cut fingers!

    The Letago can be adjusted to achieve correct release first time, every time.

  • Kilwell NZ Beach Spike Magnum 115cm
    Made in New Zealand, this is a good quality galvanised angle iron beach spike.
  • Spot X Surfcasting
    Over 400 surfcasting spots nationwide. A mix of spots from wharves to far-off rock ledges with access clearly shown.
  • Daiwa Saltiga Jig/Popper Belt
    Designed to be worn on the hip, this great lightweight belt is perfect for jigging, popping or surf/rock fishing.

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