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Pauls Fishing Systems Unique Fishing Products

  • Kite Fishing
    Kite Fishing is a productive and fun way of catching fish from the shore! Our top quality fishing kites have a huge wind range so you will get the maximum number of fishing days.
  • Winter Fishing Tackle Sale
    Discount fishing supplies. Red-hot fishing deals on everything including rod and reel combos, quality brands of fishing tackle and cheap fishing gear. Discount fishing tackle at wholesale fishing supplies prices!
  • Kontiki Fishing
    Kontiki fishing allows fishers to tow 25 hook long lines or dropper fishing rigs up to 2000 meters offshore. Check out our ShoreThing kontiki for shark areas!
  • Fishing Drones NZ
    Fishing Drones easily place a baited long-line and sinker up to 1000 meters offshore. Our prices for quality, fishing capable drones range from $1300. Before you buy a drone for fishing give us a call to ensure you get the best drone for your purpose.
  • Flounder Gigging Lights
    Underwater flounder gigging lights. 750 or 1500 lumen output underwater LED diving light on handle. Wide angle beam, no hot spot in beam. Waterproof to 100 meters.
  • Snapper Boat Longlines
    These are the most productive ready to fish Snapper Longlines available anywhere! The Target Snapper Hooks fitted to the traces prevent gut hooking of small fish and increase the catch of bigger snapper.
  • Longline Accessories
    Everything you need to maintain your snapper fishing longline.
  • Longline Traces
    A full range of traces to tied the correct length fit all popular trace racks. Target Snapper Hook, Flasher and Floating Bead trace options available.
  • Mainlines and Pre-Stop
    Kite, kontiki and boat long line mainlines and pre-stoppered hook sections.
  • Snorkels, torches, catch bags, masks, spears, everything you need to get in to diving.
  • Surfcasting
    A Full range of surf casting rods, surf casting reels and surf casting accessories
  • Boat Fishing
    A complete range of boat fishing rods, reels and combos for all bait, jig, braid, slow jig and popper fishermen.
  • A selection of rod and reel combos to suit boat, surf, rock, topwater, game, and other types of fishing.
  • Everything you need on the business end of your fishing gear including a full range of fish hooks, fishing clips, swivels, line, trace, leader material and other terminal tackle.
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  • Shimano Sienna 2500 FG Spin Reel
    The new center of gravity (M-Compact Body) means the oscillation gear is now closer to the rod, increasing balanced feel. Incororating the Propulsion Line Management system for longer casts and reduced backlash, the Sienna FE series of lightweight yet tough spin reels uses Super Stopper II for instant anti-reverse with no backplay.
    NZ$ 59.99

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