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Electric Fishing Reels

  • Electric Reel 10ah 14.8v Lithium Battery Pack + Charger
    The new Power Assist electric reel battery enables you to fish any where on any boat or off the beach, no need to carry those bulky batteries any more.
    NZ$ 459.99
  • Shimano DDM Plays 4000 Electric Reel
    The Shimano Plays 4000 has incorporated HAGANE BODY technology meaning more rigid tolerences and a stronger frame that reduces twist under load. Ideal for the smaller SPRY+ size drones.
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 899.00
  • Daiwa Tanacom 1000
    The Tanacom Bull 1000 became one of the most popular and sought after power assist reels used by New Zealand fishos. Now Daiwa introduce the new lower price version - Tanacom 1000.
    NZ$ 1,349.99
    NZ$ 980.00
    Due Mid September
  • Bulletfishing Drone Fishing Electric Winch
    A smaller version of the popular Bulletfishing Kontiki winch, designed for bigger drones like the Aerokontiki, Rippton Mobula, CutaCopter, and the soon to be released AEE Condor Mark 4.
    NZ$ 1,199.00
  • Shimano DDM 9000A Forcemaster Electric Reel
    New to the market is the Shimano Dendou-Maru Forcemaster 9000 power assisted reel. This highly efficient reel build is born from the Japanese Domestic Model catalogue and features only the best components available.
    NZ$ 1,399.99
    Due September
  • Shimano Dendou Maru 9000A Beastmaster Electric Reel
    This 2020 release has been developed to improve power, durability and heat dispensation. Its brushless GigaMax motor delivers higher torque and durability with high speed motor turn.
    NZ$ 1,799.99
    Due September
  • Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ Electric Reel
    Feel the excitement, feel the power, feel the evolution, feel alive. The Seaborg 1200MJ is the culmination of Daiwa's electric reel design and innovation. Featuring a new custom motor with approximately 1.3x more power than previous models, the Seaborg has unparalleled smoothness and speed.
    NZ$ 2,399.99

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