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Gimbal Belts

  • Alvey Quick Release Belt
    This belt is suitable for bait and rod buckets. It is a generous 169 cm in length. The click action buckle allows you to keep the belt to your size ready for quick removal when getting in and out of a 4WD.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Jarvis Walker Tsunami 9
    TAKE A LOAD OFF WITH TSUNAMI GIMBAL BELTS! This Tsunami gimbal belt is built of high-impact white polymer and stainless steel hardware providing a lightweight tough and corrosion-resistant belt.
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Kilwell Fighting Belt Standard
    The Kilwell A2 ultra light fish fighting belt with inner body pad provides anglers with a comfortable resting area for fishing rods.

    NZ$ 19.99
  • Shimano Fighting Belt
    The Shimano padded fighting belt suits any rod that has a slotted gimbal butt and will ease the pressure of long fights with tough fish

    NZ$ 49.99
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Kilwell Fighting Belt Midi
    The Kilwell M2 Fish fighting belt is the most comfortable light tackle fighting belt you will ever wear!

    NZ$ 39.99
  • Wasabi Large Gimbal
    Designed for use with light tackle but also suitable for heavier spinning and jigging reels

    NZ$ 39.99
  • Kilwell Fighting Belt Maxi
    The Kilwell M1 Fish Fighting belt is designed to provide the support and leverage you need to land those bruising saltwater gamefish.

    NZ$ 49.99
  • Kilwell Maxi Fighting Belt and Harness Large
    The Kilwell GM1 Fish Fighting belt and kidney harness is designed to provide the complete support and leverage you need to land those bruising saltwater gamefish.

    NZ$ 159.99
  • AFTCO Harness Maxforce II Shoulder
    The AFTCO Shoulder Harness is the perfect choice for stand-up battles when using lighter tackle applications
    up to and including 50-lb. test line.
    NZ$ 199.99

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