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Fishing Drones

If you have all the gear you need except the drone, see our range here.
  • Condor Fisherman 1000 Drone + Newton 3 Release Clip
    The Condor Drone is a powerful Drone that can be operated without a phone app. Suitable for casting up to 1000 metres on 50lb to 80lb Spectra. Call us Ph 09 634 5005 to reserve yours now.
    NZ$ 1,299.99
  • SPRY+ All In One Fishing Drone
    Compared to SplashDrone3+ is Spry+ smaller and slighter, but it doesn't mean any compromise on image quality. This drone is marketed as being fully waterproof, and with a tension release similar to the Newton 3 mechanism, this is a very safe drone that is ideal for taking 2-3 hooks out up to 800m offshore.
    NZ$ 1,699.99
  • Splash Drone 3+ Fisherman, Fisherman Pro, And Pro Models
    The Splash Drone 3 PLUS is the ultimate fishing drone! The Splash Drone can carry a baited fishing line to the desired location for perfect bait or lure delivery.
    NZ$ 2,799.99
    NZ$ 2,299.99

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