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Game Fishing Rods

  • Kilwell XP 561 15-24kg PE5 Game Rod
    The eye-catching cosmetics, top quality componentry, and taper rates and actions designed by fishermen, ensure XP rods will continue the Kilwell tradition of providing products with value and on-the-water performance.
    NZ$ 159.99
    NZ$ 129.99
  • Shimano Backbone Elite 24KG 5'7 Stand-Up Game Rod
    The Shimano Backbone-Elite range, are built on exceptionally high quality composite blanks.
    NZ$ 199.99
    NZ$ 139.99
  • Tica Ocean Enforcer 551 24-37kg Game Rod
    TiCA Enforcer rods are 1.4m heavy walled rod for lifting power. A durable solid tip section creates a super fast actioned 24kg-37kg rod.

    NZ$ 169.99
    NZ$ 149.99
  • Kilwell EG 581 15-24kg Game Rod
    Kilwell EG Game stand up game rods are designed and built for New Zealand conditions.
    NZ$ 194.99
    NZ$ 164.99
  • Tica Expert 704 4pc 24kg Boat Rod
    This 24kg rod will be equally capable when trolling lures or casting poppers with a free spool reel.

    NZ$ 169.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Kilwell EG 581 24-37kg Game Rod
    These rods are made using a blend of durable E glass infused with graphite under high pressure - the results speak for themselves, with proven performance.
    NZ$ 199.99
    NZ$ 179.99
  • Tica Monel 6'0 20-50lb Swivel Top DBB Rod
    The TiCA Monel Deep Drop rod is designed for use with an electric reel for deep water fishing. It features a strong but sensitive E-glass blank fitted with a detachable long bent butt which is perfect for use from your gunwhale mounted rodholder.
    NZ$ 334.99
    NZ$ 199.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Tica Magma 601 Copper Top PE5 Braid Rod
    Designed and rated to use 50lb braid the TiCA Magma's stunning good looks are attributed to the full length gunsmoke and copper metallic thread bound blank

    NZ$ 269.99
    NZ$ 239.99
  • Fladen Maxximus Solid Carbon Red 210cm 60-100lb
    Fladen Maxximus Solid carbon 7 foot rods weigh less than 8 ounces. These rods have proven themselves all over the world. Over the last year these rods have caught 50lb cod in norway, 340lb tuna in Mauritius & a 700lb Marlin in Cabo San Lucas.
    NZ$ 299.99
  • Shimano Tiagra 30WLRSA Big Game Reel
    The Shimano Tiagra 'A' Series reels have been the benchmark for game reels for a number of years. The new 'A' series feature a slightly darker, heavier gold anodising.
    NZ$ 649.99

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