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  • Stainless Steel Trace 200KG
    Stainless steel trace rated to 200KG, sold by the metre.
    NZ$ 4.00 Metre
    In Stock
  • Ultima Powerflex Shockleader
    Extremely strong mono leader. High abrasion resistance and High Visibility

    NZ$ 14.99
    NZ$ 7.49
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Deception Tippet
    Low gloss outer coating makes it less reflective in water. Excellent knot strength. High abrasion resistance and supple feel. Green copolymer.
    NZ$ 11.99
    NZ$ 8.00
    In Stock
  • Sufix Shock Max Tapered Leaders
    The Sufix Shock Max is a tapered surfcasting leader designed to absorb casting shock.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 10.00
    In Stock
  • Boone 40lb Nylon Coated Wire Leader
    Boone black 40lb. stainless steel wire are also wrapped to maintain strength. Each package contains 10 leaders. You have a choice of 18” or 24” lengths. They are made with a swivel and snap swivel for quick rigging.
    NZ$ 11.99
    In Stock
  • Shimano Sephia Fluorocarbon Leader
    Purpose made for squid fishing, the Shimano Sephia Fluorocarbon is the best leader line for your Egi gear.
    NZ$ 11.99
    In Stock
  • Sunline Siglon Stainless Steel Wire Trace - 10m
    Sunline Siglon stainless steel wire line is a very high quality fishing trace wire that will repel the toothiest critters the ocean can throw at it.
    NZ$ 12.99
    In Stock
  • Sunline Siglon FC Sinking Fluorocarbon
    SIGLON FC is 100% Japanese manufactured fluorocarbon material making this one of the finest fluorocarbon lines available. It is virtually invisible underwater and sinks 5 times faster than normal nylon
    NZ$ 13.99
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
  • Wasabi Shock Leader Dispenser Packs
    A great all-rounder, ideal for all types of fishing. Available in 20lb, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, and 100lb.
    NZ$ 16.99
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Fluorocarbon Tippet
    Has a specific gravity slightly higher than water and will sink faster than monofilament. A refractive index very close to water makes it nearly invisible in water.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 18.00
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Pink Shock Leader
    “Disappearing” pink leaders are popular with many anglers. Our Pink Shock Leader provides the same high-quality performance seen in our tough and supple trace while offering better value than pink fluorocarbon alternatives.
    NZ$ 18.99
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Supple Trace
    Manufactured from Japanese copolymers extruded to the specifications of Black Magic Tackle.

    NZ$ 19.99
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Tough Trace
    Packaged in a compact dispenser pack that fits in your tackle box or Leader Feeder and can be re-used as a lure holder

    NZ$ 19.99
    In Stock
  • Perline High Abrasion Leader Light Beige
    Tecni-Perline High Abrasion leader line is ideal for using when catching fish or sharks with sharp teeth. The high abrasion leader is a minimum of three times more abrasion resistant than standard lines. It is ideal for fishing in harsh conditions where rock, reef & kelp are a menace.
    NZ$ 19.99
    In Stock
  • Sufix Superior Leader Clear
    Sufix Superior has superior strength, durability and fast recovery for a high level of performance. Superior mono rated top line by "The Professional's of Sport Fishing Magazine" for 130 lb. class.
    NZ$ 19.99
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
  • Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Disappearing Pink Fluorocarbon
    'The Original' industry leading 100% Pink Fluorocarbon leader material and current I.G.F.A. World Record Holder for 200# H.D. Carbon Pink Leader Material.
    NZ$ 21.99
    In Stock
  • Sunline Castest Tapered Leaders for Surfcasting
    Sunline Tapered leaders are the easiest solution for adding a shock leader to your surfcasting line.
    NZ$ 24.99
    In Stock
  • Asso Tapered Shockleader - 5 x 15m Leaders
    Asso Tapered Shockleaders increase in line diameter and breaking strain along the length of the leader. Designed to achieve longer casts by flowing smoothly through the rod guides, while also absorbing the stress on the line while casting. Ideal for surfcasting and land based fishing. Each pack comes with five 15m shockleaders. Available in clear and high visibility orange.
    NZ$ 27.99
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Tough Fluorocarbon Leader
    100% Fluorocarbon. Almost invisible in water.
    Excellent knot strength. Superior abrasion resistance.

    NZ$ 29.99
    In Stock
  • Black Magic Leader Feeder
    A compact dispenser unit for your Leader - simply place your selected range of types and breaking strains in the dispenser pack.

    NZ$ 39.99
    In Stock
  • Nylon Hank 22kg 1000m
    Top quality 22kg monofilament nylon as used on all PFS traces. Available in Green only.

    NZ$ 40.00 1000m Hank
    In Stock

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