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Kontiki Fishing Accessories

A range of accessories and spares for your Kontiki fishing set up.
  • Karabina 10mm Stainless Steel
    High quality carabina clip ideal for connecting your kontiki to your mainline, as well as many other applications. Screws closed for extra security.
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Seahorse Kontiki Flag and Pole
    The Seahorse flag comes with a 600mm long pole, and fits either the STD or the GPS Seahorse Kontiki.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Starter Magnet
    The Seahorse starter magnet is encased in a plastic case to protect it from the elements.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Carabina Clip
    The screw lock carabina clip attaches the line to the stern of the Seahorse Kontiki.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Powertiki Spare Propeller - Suits all 30lb Models
    Powertiki propeller kits all contain a propeller, propeller nut and shear pins. It is recommended you keep a spare propeller in your tackle kit at all times.
    NZ$ 30.00
  • 44-54lb Thrust Motor Spare Propeller
    This Watersnake Three Blade Prop Kit features a three blade trolling motor replacement propeller. Including a three blade propeller, propeller nut, shaft pin-suits 44 lb and 54 lb. Ideal replacement for Seahorse and Predator kontikis.
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Strobe Light
    The light sensitive strobelight starts flashing at sunset, enabling you and others to see your Kontiki at night. The strobe comes as a complete unit.
    NZ$ 45.00

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