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Composite Developments

Composite Developments is a quality focused firm that manufacture, market and represent recreational sporting brands, mainly fishing and hunting.
  • Composite Developments Nano Fast Jig Rods
    CD Rods new fast jig rods are designed by the CD Rods team and built with the latest Japanese high modulus graphite.
    NZ$ 299.99
    NZ$ 199.99
  • Composite Developments Albagraph Rods
    The Composite Developments Albagraph Rod sets the standard for high quality stray line rods in New Zealand. With a long history of fine rods, the Albagraph makes a great addition to any serious fishers collection .
    NZ$ 299.99
    NZ$ 249.99
  • Composite Developments 14ft 3pc XD Surf Rod
    High quality carbon fibre surf casting rods. These are powerful rods, and they cast fantastic.
    NZ$ 449.99
    NZ$ 369.99

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