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Berley Mate

Berley Mate is clean and effective alternative to frozen berley.
  • Berley Mate Switch Berley Pellets 400g
    Berley Mate Switch Berley Pellets flavour the water with a stimulant and attractant. The active ingredients are absorbed through the fish’s receptors as it swims through the trail.
  • Berley Mate Long-life Rapid Berley Log
    Most frozen berleys melt within a hour of release and messy waste is left in your dispenser. Berley Mate berley lasts long enough for an average fishing session, even if you move to different spots.
  • Berley Mate Bait Booster
    Makes any bait desirable bait. 100% natural. Boosted squid liver extract.
  • Berley Mate Berley Pot Dispenser 1.2kg
    Berley Mate Berley Pot dispenser is essential for serious Berley Mate anglers. Designed to disperse at an effective rate, a Berley Mate log will the length of an average fishing trip when used in our dispenser.

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