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Jarvis Walker

Founded in Australia in 1946, Jarvis Walker is well known for great value gear.
  • Jarvis Walker Snapper Rigs
    Take the guesswork out of rigging for your favourite fish with the Jarvis Walker Snapper Rigs.

    NZ$ 5.99
  • Jarvis Walker Reel Grease
    A handy sized tube of multi-purpose grease from Jarvis Walker. Perfect for reel maintainen­ce. Prevents corrosion.
    NZ$ 9.99
    NZ$ 6.99
    Back order
  • Jarvis Walker Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener
    Jarvis Walker knife sharpening tools make it easy for you to keep a razor-sharp edge on your fishing knives.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Jarvis Walker Hercules Braid 115m Spool
    Hercules Braid has the same base fibres as used in products at a much higher price point. Four carriers woven into a tight, round, consistent profile.

    NZ$ 29.99
    NZ$ 19.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Jarvis Walker Hercules Braid 250m Spool
    Hercules Braid is made with the same base fibres as those used in products at a much higher price point, with four carriers woven into a tight, round, consistent profile.

    NZ$ 49.99
    NZ$ 39.99
  • Jarvis Walker Pro Series Rod PS601012
    Jarvis Walker Pro Series boat and game rods take the affordable performance of composite rods to a new level and the comprehensive range covers most popular fishing applications throughout the country.
    NZ$ 59.99
    NZ$ 39.99
  • Jarvis Walker Powereel Levelwind Reel
    Trollers and bottom-bashers alike will enjoy the Powereel’s smooth drag courtesy of carbon-fibre washers, and the affordable durability. Graphite frame, holds plenty of line and has a clicker to alert the skipper a fish is on.
    NZ$ 89.99
  • Jarvis Walker Mono Cast Net - 8' - 30MM X 1
    LIVE BAIT IS BEST! Jarvis Walker Cast Nets are the best way to catch live bait for your fishing.
    NZ$ 139.99
    Out Of Stock

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