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Seahorse Electric Kontiki

  • Seahorse Kontiki Flag and Pole
    The Seahorse flag comes with a 600mm long pole, and fits either the STD or the GPS Seahorse Kontiki.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Standard Traces
    A pack of 10 traces tied and ready to go. These are standard Seahorse traces, without tubes, anti-tangle clips, Target Snapper hooks, squiddy's or floats. Made to fit the Seahorse aluminium trace board.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Starter Magnet
    The Seahorse starter magnet is encased in a plastic case to protect it from the elements.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Carabina Clip
    The screw lock carabina clip attaches the line to the stern of the Seahorse Kontiki.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Winch Drag Rubber
    The drag rubber can wear out after a few years of use. It is possible to move the cable tie around the frame to make it tighter if needed. The drag rubber adds drag to the drum, reducing the chance of an over-run. Comes with a cable tie to fit.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Quad Bike Extension Lead
    Many Seahorse users use a Quad bike or four wheel drive to carry their Seahorse Kontiki and winch to their favourite fishing spot.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Strobe Light
    The light sensitive strobelight starts flashing at sunset, enabling you and others to see your Kontiki at night. The strobe comes as a complete unit.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Seahorse Trolley Remote Switch
    The remote trolley switch allows the winch to be operated while standing behind the trolley. This allows the winch to be used to pull the trolley and it's load back up the beach.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Battery - 14ah
    The long running 14 amp hour (ah) battery comes complete with the leads attached ready to be used. The 14ah battery is used on the Seahorse Electric winch. In the Seahorse Kontiki it is used with a 8ah battery.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Seahorse Aluminium Trace Board
    Seahorse is proud of the aluminium "clip & go" trace board. It is light, strong, clean, it is also straightforward to use, and it can be used with a wide range of baits.
    NZ$ 140.00
  • Seahorse C-Tek Battery Charger
    The C-Tek Chargers are the best you can buy on the market. We use them to charge all our batteries. For the best battery charger with the best battery protection. It's well worth the investment.
    NZ$ 150.00
  • Seahorse Winch Buggy
    The Seahorse Winch Buggy is a simple 2 wheel buggy to carry the winch and Kontiki from the car to and long the beach.
    NZ$ 375.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Manual Beach Trolley
    The Seahorse Beach Trolley is totally dismantable so it can fit into the boot of your car and it will carry the Seahorse fishing system and all your fishing gear to your favourite spot. The large, plastic rimmed, inflatable wheels are easy to manoeuvre across soft sand and along the beach so you can quickly get to your spot away from immediate beach access points.
    NZ$ 750.00
  • Seahorse Electric Kontiki Winch
    The Seahorse 150w Winch makes launching and retrieval of your seahorse a simple one person job. The three speed control unit and pulse function gives you full control.
    NZ$ 1,690.00
  • Seahorse 46lb Thrust Standard Kontiki
    This package includes the standard Seahorse 46lb thrust kontiki. Match it up with your winch and traceboard, get some bait and you're away fishing.
    NZ$ 1,975.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki Motorised Beach Trolley
    The Seahorse Motorised Trolley was developed in 2010, and this was followed by a major re-design and upgrade in 2013. Many new features were added including reverse. You can now park your motorised trolley in your garage, and then reverse it out in the morning for your next fishing trip.
    NZ$ 2,500.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki 46lb Thrust GPS
    The GPS Seahorse has a built in automated GPS controlled autopilot system that will steer your kontiki in the direction you want. No need to adjust for side currents or worry about large waves knocking it off course.
    NZ$ 2,975.00
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  • Seahorse Revo4 Kontiki Drone
    The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone has arrived. This amazing fishing drone will pull 25 hooks up to 1 kilometre offshore. It can also be used to carry very large baits (maximum 4kg), to chase sharks and other game fish from any land-based location. This simple, easy to use KontikiDrone is the first affordable drone that will deliver the performance everyone has been waiting for.
    NZ$ 3,495.00
  • Seahorse 46lb GPS Electric Winch Full Package
    The GPS Seahorse Electric Pack is the ultimate beach fishing package. The GPS Seahorse Kontiki is matched with the Seahorse winch and traceboard, it will give you everything you need. Just get some bait and your away fishing.
    NZ$ 4,975.00
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  • Seahorse GPS 46lb Kontiki Electric Package
    The GPS Seahorse Electric Pack is the ultimate beach fishing package. The GPS Seahorse Kontiki is matched with the Seahorse winch and traceboard, it will give you everything you need. Just get some bait and your away fishing.
    NZ$ 4,975.00
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