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  • Black Magic Fishing Towel
    Makes handling a fish more comfortable and ensures minimal harm to your catch. Covering the fish’s eye may help calm it down.
    NZ$ 4.99
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Black Magic Bait Buddy
    Black Magic “Bait Buddy” is a fine elasticised thread - it is not a monofilament but a special blend of very fine fibers that is virtually invisible when applied to the bait.

    NZ$ 3.99
  • Fishy Fingers - The Ultimate Fishing Soap
    Fishy Fingers is a bar of soap for the recreational fisherman to add to their tackle box, filleting station and maybe to throw under the kitchen sink. It is New Zealand made with natural ingredients - a unique and quality product.
    NZ$ 5.99
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Centro Rigging Needles 23cm 3 Pack
    Stainless Steel open eye rigging needles. 3 x 23cm needles are packed in a reusable plastic tube for easy storage.
    NZ$ 8.99
  • Alvey Drink Coolers
    Quality Alvey Drink Coolers

    Your design choice of the "Better Way to Fish" or "Stealth"
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Alvey Reel Oil Lubricant
    New technology has allowed vegetable oils to be cracked to produce high quality lubricating oils and greases.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Berkley Rod Tip Repair Kit
    Three 2.8mm diameter replacement tips, plus quick-dry cement
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Black Magic Livebait Balloons
    Livebait Balloons. Hassle free rigging!

    NZ$ 9.99
  • Canterbury Biltong 100g Packs
    Canterbury Biltong is a tasty, convenient and nutritional air-dried snacks. It is wildly popular in the great outdoors. A lifesaver whether you are tramping, camping, mountaineering, kayaking, hunting or fishing. Canterbury Biltong loves a tasty platter and is great company with a glass of beer or wine.
    NZ$ 11.99
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Jarvis Walker Bait Box
    Jarvis Walker has developed a comprehensive range of fishing tools and accessories to cover just about every job there is from tackle and bait preparation, to landing and handling fish, to cleaning your catch. All Jarvis Walker fishing tools are designed to be reliable and to offer great value to New Zealand anglers.
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Kilwell Iki Spike
    The Kilwell iki spike is the most humane way to kill a fish, pushing the iki through the brain of the fish.
    NZ$ 12.99
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Owner 5194 Rustop
    Rust stop acts as a sacrificial anode. When applied to the hook, or metal product, Rustop will rust not the item to which it is applied.
    NZ$ 9.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Sinker Lock
    Revolutionary new product for recreational fishing. Sinker Lock keeps your sinker safely attached to your rod when not in use.
    NZ$ 17.99
    NZ$ 9.99
  • Berkley Fish Iki Spike
    Berkley ini spike with an easy to hold bright orange T handle so you don't lose it.
    NZ$ 12.99
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Odorex Fishermans Soap - 375ml
    Eliminates fishy smells on your hands.
    NZ$ 13.45
    NZ$ 11.99
  • Alvey Glow Sticks
    Whatever you call them, they serve an essential part of fishing tackle, but now there is a Glow Stick with a point of difference.
    NZ$ 12.49
  • Plastic Baitcatcher
    Perfect for use off a wharf the classic clear plastic bait catcher will have you on the edge of your seat while you watch the fish
    swim in.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 12.50
  • Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner
    Using a proprietary technology and formula acquired in 2011, PENN oil, grease and cleaner are built to lubricate and prevent corrosion in saltwater environments. Available in a 4oz spray bottle.
    NZ$ 12.99
  • Svord Iki Spike
    Svord NZ made Iki spikes are made from hardened steel. Colour choices will be made at random if your selected colour is not available.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 12.99
  • Alvey Glow Shark Bottle Opener
    **NEW** GLOW design

    Alvey glow bottle opener 12.5cm x 5cm
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Bait Snifter Berley Dispenser
    Robust hinged fishing berley dispenser, will take most berley sausages up to 2.5kg.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Kilwell NZ Tuna Oil 500ml
    Bait enhancing tuna oil. Packaged for Kilwell from a blend of quality fish oil including tuna. 500 millilitres.
    NZ$ 16.99
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Odorex Fish-Off Spray 450ml
    Odorex Fish-Off sanitises and acts immediately to eliminate unpleasant fishy smells on hands, clothing, boat carpets, seat squabs, tackle boxes, bait bins or anywhere fish-related odour is a problem.
    NZ$ 16.99
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Single Feed Flush Muff
    These flush muffs are used to flush outboards with fresh water after use in salt water.
    NZ$ 14.99
  • Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip 9
    The Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip is a new fish landing device developed by an expert angler and used by fisherman to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury either to the fisherman or to the fish.
    NZ$ 15.99
  • Penn Reel Oil and Lube Angler Pack
    Using a proprietary technology and formula that we acquired in 2011, PENN oil and grease are built to lubricate and prevent corrosion. We've tested the competition and the results are clear, our lubes perform better in saltwater than anything else on the market.
    NZ$ 19.99
    NZ$ 16.50
  • Aluminium Flounder Spear
    Single prong flounder spear with an aluminium shaft and single stainless spear. Strong and simple.
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Balloon Fisher King Pro Pack
    Pro Pack includes 5 Balloon Clips and 10 9-inch balloons suitable for live and cut bait 2 lbs to 10 lbs. The clips are recommended for 20-lb monofilament or 30-lb braided line and higher.
    NZ$ 24.99
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Berley Mate Bait Booster
    Makes any bait desirable bait. 100% natural. Boosted squid liver extract.
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Penn Neoprene Conventional Reel Cover
    Protect your investment with neoprene reel covers which display the famous PENN logo and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all PENN reels on the market today.
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Penn Neoprene Spinning Reel Cover
    Protect your investment with neoprene reel covers which display the famous PENN logo and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all PENN reels on the market today.
    NZ$ 19.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Okuma Cal's Grease
    The Grease provides superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels (Dropping point is > 500 degrees F.)
    NZ$ 24.99
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Menace Extendable Boat Paddle
    Every boat should have one, whether for propulsion or emergency use.
    NZ$ 29.99
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Alvey Bait Aerator
    This Nitro-nipper aerator is great for keeping your live bait in good condition. It has a single speed motor for smooth, quiet & powerful operation
    NZ$ 25.99
  • Berkley Fillet Board
    Corrosion resistant clamp secures fish. Quick-clean non-porous surface. 22″ ruler measures fillets. Portable, easy-to-store design.
    NZ$ 29.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Duel Feed Flush Muff
    These flush muffs are used to flush outboards with fresh water after use in salt water.
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Kilwell NZ Rock Spike 76cm
    Hot Dip Galvanised square bar rod holder for placing into crevices and holes. L 76cm
    Cushioned top loop and rod lean.
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Odorex Click To Clean Boat
    A concentrated boat cleaning agent designed to remove heavy grime and soiling. Natural citrus solvent cuts through grease and salt residue with ease. Helps to degrease heavily soiled areas. Sanitises /disinfects bilge areas.
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Kilwell Fish Bat 46cm
    Aluminium mini baseball bat with non-slip grip for humanely despatching large fish.
    NZ$ 38.99
    NZ$ 32.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit
    The perfect kit for reel maintenance and lubrication
    NZ$ 34.99
  • Okuma Cast Cannon Surf Casting Aid
    The bionic finger for fixed spool reels. Simply tape the Cannon securely to the butt of your rod in a comfortable position above or behind the spool...
    NZ$ 39.99
    NZ$ 38.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Berkley 12 inch Fish Lip Grip
    This device is simple and highly practical, and allows you to easily grip fish. The fast action and positive lock jaws ensure successful and quick gripping of the fish. The handle is comfortable and fits perfectly in the palm of a hand, allowing you to use the other clamp-shaped end to grip the fish.
    NZ$ 49.99
    NZ$ 39.99
  • Kilwell NZ Beach Spike Magnum 115cm
    Made in New Zealand, this is a good quality galvanised angle iron beach spike.
    NZ$ 39.99
  • AFTCO Fish Bat 47cm
    AFTCOs Floating Fish Bat is made of moulded, glass filled polypropylene, super strong and corrosion proof, with a special triangular shape so that it will not roll on the deck of a rocking boat.
    NZ$ 59.99
  • Ikigun - Quickly and Humanely Dispatch Your Fish
    The Ikigun is the ultimate tool for iki spiking your fish. The elastic powered spike has 3 power settings and is made from materials selected to withstand the harsh marine environment.
    NZ$ 79.99
  • Ikigun & Ikiboard Combo
    Buy the Ikigun and the Ikiboard together as a combo package.
    NZ$ 89.99

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