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Condor Drone Penn Slammer III 10500 Reel Complete Ready to Fish Package

Condor Drone Penn Slammer III 10500 Reel Complete Ready to Fish Package
The Condor Drone Fishing Kit. A ready to fish drone fishing rig complete with rod and reel spooled with 900 metres of 30kg Spectra, your choice of single piece or travel fishing rod, traces on rack, hook section, weights, rod spike. Just add bait.
NZ$ 2,049.99
Due July
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The Condor Fishing Drone is by far the best drone the team at PFS have ever used for fishing. The Condor drone has ample power and speed to ensure a clean bait release, even when the battery is getting low.

This product includes everything you need for the Drone plus the massive Penn Slammer III 10500 fishing reel spooled with 900 metres of 30kg spectra line, your choice of rod, 12 traces on a trace rack, 2 x 6 hook sections on a handspool, weights and beach rod spike. All you need is bait!

Video - Live and Strip Baits Set With a Condor

The setting speed of over 16 metres a second ensures the line flies higher behind the drone as the faster setting speed lifts and streams the line behind the drone when casting.

The additional lifting power of the Condor allows for line weights of up to 37kg spectra and up to 10 well baited hooks to be effortlessly deployed 800 metres offshore.

The Condor Drone is very easy to calibrate, there is no need for a separate phone app to get speed, altitude and battery information when setting.

The Condor fishing drone is easy to use even for those who struggle with technology yet has a similar fishing capacity to the much more expensive Swell Pro Splash Drone.

Condor Fishing Drone battery performance averages three to four 800 metre sets per charge from the 6800mAh smart battery.

  • Big 6800mAh Smart Battery
  • Easily cast up to 600 grams (21 ounces) 900 metres offshore
  • Set 10 or more baited traces
  • Line weights up to 37kg breaking strain
  • Up to 5 casts per battery charge
  • User Manual

Package Includes

  • Condor Fisherman 1000 Drone
  • Penn Slammer III 10500 Reel
  • Your choice of rod
  • 900m 60lb Spectra Braid
  • Trace Rack with 12 Target Snapper Traces
  • 2 x 6 Hook Sections on Spool
  • Beach Spike
  • 2 x 3oz Drone Sinkers
  • This is a complete JUST ADD BAIT package, ready to fish!

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    • Bestek Drone Fishing Car Inverter
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    • Newton 3 Drone Release Wire 10 Pack
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    • AEE Condor Backback Upgrade
      NZ$ 99.99
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    • Condor Fishing Drone Spare Battery
      NZ$ 179.99
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    • Drone Landing Pad
      NZ$ 30.00
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    • Drone Remote Lanyard
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    • Condor Fishing Drone Spare Battery
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