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Seahorse Electric Kontiki Winch

Seahorse Electric Kontiki Winch
The Seahorse 150w Winch makes launching and retrieval of your seahorse a simple one person job. The three speed control unit and pulse function gives you full control.
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The Seahorse Electric Winch is built tough to do the hard work in a harsh beach environment. The Seahorse Winch makes launching and retrieval of your Seahorse a simple one person job, no matter what the conditions are like or how many fish you have on the line. The three speed control unit and pulse function gives you full control, allowing you to fish when you want.

The Seahorse Electric Winch can be used with any electric kontiki. It is also great for those kayak longliners who are exhausted after their long paddle.

Seahorse Electric Winch Features

  • The Seahorse Electric Winch is designed to make launching and retrieving your Seahorse as simple as possible - it is a one-man operation.

  • It's advanced design makes it simple to operate, and simple to clean. It is designed to use the pull of the line to "force" the winch down into the sand, so it won't move, except under extreme loads.

  • The simple and effective drag rubber controls the speed of the drum on launching to stop overruns. The drag rubber adds constant drag to the winch drum during the launching process, thus stopping the line jumping and causing overruns. Once the traces are attached the drag rubber is removed off the drum, in turn removing the drag and allowing for maximum distance. Additional drag can be manually applied if required.

  • The line used on the Seahorse Winch is 300lb, or 140kg, breaking strain, commercial grade monofilament fishing line. This line size is selected because it is easy to handle, yet strong enough to withstand a high level of abuse.

  • The line consists of a 3m shock cord, followed by 150m of leader line. This is used by the fisher to guide the Seahorse through the surfline. The following 250m of stoppered line has 120 resin coated stoppers where the weights and 25 traces are attached. The stoppered line is then followed by 1600m of mainline to allow set-up of the Seahorse up to 2 km's offshore. This gives you plenty of time to get your traces attached to the main line.

  • The "tinned" marine grade wiring and external switches are completely waterproofed. So not only can the unit be washed easily, but it is also protected from any unexpected waves hitting the beach.

  • The winch control unit is fully protected from the beach environment. The unit has three speeds so you can select the correct speed for whatever the situation. There is also the sealed ON/OFF/PULSE switch giving you complete control.

  • The slow speed is for trolling the baits back to the beach. This technique can be used successfully with soft baits or lures.

  • Medium speed has an overload thermal auto cut-out to protect the motor. This speed is great when you are pulling in a massive load of fish.

  • High speed uses all the power of the 150 watt motor to retrieve the line in the fastest possible time, so you spend less time waiting and more time fishing.

  • The speeds are electronically controlled to ensure no battery power is wasted.

  • The aluminium frame design and low drum placement enables the winch to lock itself into the sand, making it very stable and removing any need to pin it down. The winch can also be fitted onto a quad bike or 4x4, or it can be operated from the top of the Seahorse beach trolley.

  • The self lubricating bushes eliminate the need for grease (as grease and sand is a big no-no).

  • The powerful 150 watt motor will provide up to 50kg of pull. This is sufficient to pull in even the biggest fish. The low profile design enables all the power to be used.

  • The large 14ah battery capacity allows for up to 4,000m of hauling. This is normally sufficient for two complete hauls.

  • A full 24 month warranty provides carefree operation and support. Call us if you have any queries regarding a Seahorse Electric Winch.

  • 14 amp hour SLA Battery
  • 24 Month Warranty and 30 day money back guarantee*
  • Optional line

  • Mainline: being 2000 meters of 140kg breaking strain line, made up of 1600m of mainline, 250m of 120 stopper's stoppered line, 150m of leader, a shock cord

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