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AEE Fishing Drones

  • AEE Condor Propellers
    AEE Condor Propellers. Choose either a pair (one right and one left hand thread) or a complete set.
    NZ$ 20.00
    In Stock
  • AEE Condor Backback Upgrade
    Upgrade your standard AEE Condor bag with one of these purpose built fishing backpacks. This sleeve will fit your original poly box inside your bag.
    NZ$ 99.99
    In Stock
  • Condor Fishing Drone Spare Battery
    6800mAh/11.1V battery to suit the AEE Condor fishing drone. Extend your fishing time by being able to cast another 4-5 lines without needing to charge your batteries between sets.
    NZ$ 199.99
    In Stock
  • A22 Condor Fisherman 1000 Drone + Newton 3 Mechanical Release Clip
    The new AEE Condor A22 has a mechanical release with tension failsafe, giving you the ease of a push button release with the safety of a tension release. Call us Ph 09 634 5005 to learn more or to order.
    NZ$ 1,599.99
    Out Of Stock
    Pre orders - 4 - 6 week delays
  • AEE Condor Pro Fishing Drone
    3.5+kg max lift, 1.5km range, 35 minute flight time, and as easy to use as the original AEE Condor drones. The AEE Condor Pro has the Newton 3 push button with tension failsafe release.
    NZ$ 3,699.00
    Out Of Stock

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