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Smart fishing drones.
  • Rippton Mobula Spare Prop Set of 4
    The MOBULA propeller is made with carbon fibre to ensure its light weight and Strong Each Propeller is marked With CW or CCW (clockwise or counter-clockwise) it is important when replacing blades that you match the marking CCW with the CCW marking on the propeller and CW motors With CW propellers. This kit contains 2 x CCW 2 x CW propellers
    NZ$ 149.00
    In Stock
  • Rippton Mobula Smart Battery
    The Smart battery management system allows the user to monitor the battery level and the batterys health with a simple press of a button and without having to turn on mobula. No Special tools Required to replace the battery just click in and fly!
    NZ$ 539.00
    NZ$ 300.00
    Out Of Stock
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