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Sinker Lock

Sinker Lock
Revolutionary new product for recreational fishing. Sinker Lock keeps your sinker safely attached to your rod when not in use.
NZ$ 17.99
NZ$ 9.99
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  • No more swinging hooks and sinkers.
  • No more tangles.
  • Made of super tough material
  • Uses heavy duty stainless spring and pin with fitted caps and guards built in to protect your line
  • New Zealand Made
  • SinkerLock prevents personal injury, and eliminates damage to rods, reels, boats, and vehicles.
  • The design is simple, yet very effective for preventing damage to your rod, reel, boat, vehicle and yourself.

    Its purpose is to hold your sinker or lure on your rod, preventing it from swinging freely while stored. The Sinker Lock simply clips onto your rod, and your sinker or lure is held firmly in place

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