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Plastic Baitcatcher

Plastic Baitcatcher
Perfect for use off a wharf the classic clear plastic bait catcher will have you on the edge of your seat while you watch the fish
swim in.
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Sturdy plastic construction, supplied with handline, removable ends, proven design!

No hooks
Easy to use
Complete with line
Full usage instructions on packaging
New Zealand made 

255mm L x 90mm diameter

Using the Baitcatcher:
Select a site near wharf piles, Kelp or a meter or two below the boat.
Crumble a piece of bread into the baitcatcher.
Holding the ends of the baitcatcher firmly in both hands, lower into the water and agitate the bread into a creamy mixture.
Holding the cord, lower the baitcatcher just below the surface.
Sprinkle some crumbs into the water and leave for 5 - 15 minutes. Remove one end of the baitcatcher and empty catch.
Reset as before.

Please release all fish back to the water that you do not have a use for!

Perfect for use off a wharf the classic clear plastic baitcatcher
will have you on the edge of your seat while you watch the fish 
swim in. Comes complete with line so simply add breadcrumbs 
to the inside the tube to lure the fish in. Add a little bit of weight
if you need to go deeper.

Proudly made in NZ 

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