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Yamashita Egi-Oh Live Search Squid Jigs

Yamashita Egi-Oh Live Search Squid Jigs
Talk to any skilled squid fisher and the vast majority will confirm that Yamashita squid jigs rule! That’s hardly surprising though, as Yamashita has been making squid jigs for over 50 years, with the massive amount of manufacturing, designing and fishing experience resulting in a truly lethal product for catching squid of all sizes.
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  • A wide variety of well-proven squid catching colours, sizes and shapes that cater for day and night-time sessions.
  • Specially shaped and weighted chin weights create the best darting, swimming action and precise sinkrate options.
  • Many Yamashita models have a 'warm jacket' called 'Tactywarm', which absorbs light from sunlight, torchlight, lamps at the wharf etc. and converts it into stored thermo energy that's about 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius higher than the surrounding water. This mimics baitfish, which are also slightly warmer. Squid can detect this, so grab the jigs more readily and hold on harder.
  • Research found that the 600hz rattle inside the body of the Egi-Ohs imitates the sound of feeding squid. To achieve this, Yamashita changed the plastic body to a 'bone' plastic material and uses stainless steel bearings, not glass or plastic.
  • The most visible light wavelength for squid is 490nm, leading to the latest Egi-Oh Q Live Search 490GLOW range (Shallow and Deep models) being developed by Yamashita.
  • So there you have it, a high-tech product possessing the best possible look, feel and sound - would you want to be using anything less effective over those long hours of darkness?!
  • Recommended rods: OA has a great starting outfit for those wanting to give squid fishing a crack, with a specialist rod that offers good length, lightness and a sensitive tip, accompanied by a basic but good looking reel loaded with suitable braid. Just attach some 20lb trace and a Yamashita squid jig and it's ready to go - all for an amazingly low price!

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