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Predator 54lb Auto-Nav Kontiki

Predator 54lb Auto-Nav Kontiki
The Predator’s intelligent shark design allows it to cut through the waves rather than bounce over the top and swing off course.
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  • Predator 54 Auto Nav Kontiki with unique 2-second ‘Point & Go’ setup
  • 54lb thrust motor
  • Accessory Case
  • 3 batteries 12V 9.0Ah
  • 1× D battery
  • 1× battery charger
  • The Predator’s unique natural shape with tail fin is designed to sit low in the water and dive under the breaking surf to maintain perfect direction.

    Superior natural shark stealth design cuts through the water with less resistance (for both launching and retrieving). Have a think about this - the shark shape has been well tested and proven for millions of years!

  • Easy to use on your own or with friends or family
  • Perfectly balanced for best performance and handling, loading into vehicle etc
  • Perfect power to weight ratio; very fast through the water
  • Range up to 2.3km offshore
  • A real head-turner: the Predator looks very smart
  • 24 month Predator Kontiki warranty
  • 12 month battery warranty
  • The light weight Predator weighs from only 12kg with batteries
  • Fully waterproof resin-encased reliable electronic timer. Use a magnet to adjust settings or the top mounted switch.
  • Very simple to operate timer: set between 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 minute timer, or set to 'infinity' to go until the battery level cut out
  • Free sturdy accessory carry-all case. Holds tools & batteries etc
  • The natural tail shape works with the rudder to keep the Predator on course in rough conditions
  • Batteries are mounted well forward to keep the motor in the water under full power in rough seas
  • A ‘KIWI ORIGINAL’ - designed and made in New Zealand
  • Off-set tow point to counter the torque of the motor
  • The Predator control unit monitors power consumption and provides protection to the electronics and batteries. If anything snags blades from turning the motor is stopped 3 times and restarted, if snag still exists it will turn off and stay off.
  • Dimensions: L1310 x H500 x W415mm

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