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Poseidon Pro Black Fishing Drone

Poseidon Pro Black Fishing Drone
The new Poseidon Pro fishing drone is a beast. 2.8+kg max lift, 25kn+ wind tolerance, up to 30 minutes flight time, sand proof motors, IPX5 water resistant, and a 4K camera make this the best value 2kg+ fishing drone with camera on the market.
NZ$ 3,299.00
Due Mid June
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High-Performance Flight Controller

  • The Poseidon II Pro Black has Safe and Stable Flight Control system which provides a Comfortable Control Experience at all times.
  • New Generation Flight Control System (the Brain of the Drone) ensures you stay in control with it's unique built-in safety features to give you confidence while in the air
  • The built-in automatic GPS course correction and GPS compass interference monitoring: The flight control of the Poseidon II PRO BLACK fishing drone has the built-in GPS automatic heading correction function and GPS compass interference monitoring function. The combination of the two can provide more stable flight and minimal electromagnetic interference. Thus the Poseidon Pro II BLACK is better suited to handle complex fishing environments.

  • Long Flight Time & Heavy Payloads

  • The Best Flight time of any drone in it's Size Class & Price Level
  • Poseidon PRO II BLACK comes with a High-Capacity High-performance 6S Lithium polymer battery which provides Class Leading Flight times with heavy Payloads vs. its Fishing Drone Competitors
  • Able to Carry upto 2.8KG of Payload Capacity - built to take those heavy baits & traces
  • Longer Flight time means you can get more baits out into your fishing zone quicker.

  • Auto casting feature : Autonomous Fishing

  • The Poseidon II PRO BLACK will fly itself to the destination , drop its payload and auto return home, providing an autonomous drone fishing experience!

  • Bulit in High Resolution 4K Camera

  • You can watch LIVE & now also record your drone fishing experience.
  • Digital HD Image Transmission with LIVE FEED & 4K Resolution HD Camera and a Single-Axis Camera
  • The 4K Camera on the Poseidon II PRO BLACK enables crystal clear Images to be broadcast in Real Time back to your phone or tablet which can the be recorded.
  • The Single Axis Gimbal Allows the Fisherman to quickly control the pitch of the Camera & Switch intantly between "Forward of Drone View" (so you can see out in from the the drone to where you are going) and Ocean View (Straight down - so you can see where you are dropping your baits)

  • Android & Apple Phones and Tablets

  • The APP is Smooth & reliable and is made to work on APPLE and ANDROID Phones
  • The APP is easy to use and intuitive and can provide the operator with vital data including distance, height, speed, battery power, and GPS satellites, and a clear Live View from the Drone or Onscreen MAP.
  • The APP is freely downloadable from Apple IOS APP Store and the Google PLAY Store

  • Water Resistant & Tough Design

  • Purpose built for Fishermen
  • The Poseidon II PRO BLACK is designed to handle the tough New Zealand Marine Environment with an IPX Water Resistance Rating
  • Poseidon-pro II BLACK Fishing Drone has an innovative water resistant structure, which has been purposed designed for outdoor environments. This plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability of the drone over a period of time.
  • Nano Waterproof Treatment: The Brushless motors of Poseidon Pro II BLACK Fishing Drone are treated with special Nano waterproof treatment, so that it can be used in the corrosive saltwater in prolonged use. This weather resistant design also allows the Poseidon to fly in heavy rain
  • High-end Light Anti-corrosion Material: The fuselage material of the Poseidon II PRO BLACK is made from a high-end, light & anti-corrosion material, which translates to lightweight, high strength and no deformation.
  • The remote controller has rubber shielding around the Joysticks for greater protection from sand ingress

  • Innovative Mechanical Line Release System

  • The Mechanical release allows you to quickly & effortlessly release your bait
  • The Unique Mechanical Line Release system on the Poseidon II PRO BLACK has been designed and engineered for reliable and safe bait releases every time.

  • Enhanced Safety Features Built In

  • The Poseidon II PRO BLACK has an array of saftey and backup features to help add extra safety & protection while in flight.
  • Auto low battery payload release: This means of the battery level gets too low, the drone will auto release your baits
  • Auto low battery return to home means your drone will fly home with the battery gets to dangerously low levels.

  • Anti Magnetic Interference Feature

  • The Poseidon II PRO BLACK is Built to withstand higher levels of external magnetic interference - meaning a safer and more trouble free drone fishing experience, giving you greater peace of mind while you are flying.

  • ALL BLACK New Zealand Colours!

  • We have designed the Colour Scheme of the Poseidon II PRO BLACK with Kiwis in mind with its MATT BLACK Finish and Striking Red Highlights it's sure to be the most stylish drone on the beach!

  • Poseidon Pro Black Specifications

  • Water Resistance - IPX5 Water & Weather Resistant
  • Image transmission distance - 1000m
  • Diagonal size (without propeller) - 480mm
  • Propeller blade size - 13 Inch Carbon Fibre
  • Maximum horizontal flight speed - 18m/s
  • Satellite positioning module - UBX-M8030-KT GPS / GLONASS receiver
  • Safe Wind Speed - 25 knots
  • Maximum Payload Weight - 2.8KG
  • Maximum Flight time(No load) - 30min
  • Maximum Flight time( Load 1kg) - 22min
  • Maximum Flight time( Load 2.5kg) - 9.5min
  • Camera parameters - 4K Video
  • Flight Control System - IDF-9

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