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Large Skyhook

Large Skyhook
The Large Skyhook is a secondary kite which can be added below the Delta Super Kite or the Nighthawk Delta Kite to increase power.
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An innovative product, the Large Skyhook is a secondary kite which can be added below the Super Kite or the Nighthawk Kite.

The Large Skyhook will increase your light wind performance and tacking ability.

This secondary kite is ideal for obtaining extra power on the west coast to punch through strong rips, or for increasing sail area in light wind regions.

Large Skyhook

Wind range: 4 to 50 knots
Wingspan: 1 Metre
Recommended Kiteline 50kg-65kg

Supplied with a pre-tied braided nylon cord ready to tie into your kiteline. Some trial and error is needed before you will get the optimum performance but it's a learning curve that delivers additional performance of your kite fishing rig.

The Large Skyhook Has These Advantages:

  • Boosts the power of the kite it is flown under
  • Helps hold your gear against strong rips
  • Great for increasing light wind performance and tacking ability

This Rig Includes:

  • 1 x Large Skyhook
  • 1 x Pre-tied braided nylon cord
  • Full Rigging Instructions

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