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Catamaran Twin Motor Autopilot Kontiki

A new Kontiki, which incorporates all ShoreThing dropper rig functions to keep the gear safe from sharks and hooks free from drifting weed, has been developed by Pauls Fishing Systems!

Twin motors power the catamaran style ShoreThing Kontiki and the hook reel fits snugly between the hulls.


All The Benefits of a ShoreThing and Autopilot Kontiki Plus -

  • Vastly superior steering power
  • Quicker steering reactions and tighter turns than conventional kontikis
  • No fragile rudder - steers by varying the power to each motor 
  • The most powerful kontiki on the market, 60lbs and 92lbs thrust options available
  • Much more streamlined than a Kontiki towing a separate ShoreThing System
  • More compact and less weight than a Kontiki and ShoreThing System
  • Ability to deploy mainline from the stern if needed - No line drag while getting through the surf zone
  • Increased weight carrying capacity for better anchoring security in rough conditions
  • 55 minute run time so no need to change batteries on the beach
  • 40ah LiFe P04 Batteries and twin chargers
  • No bulky trace rack required
  • Tell us the maximum length you can fit into your vehicle and we will custom make it to fit!


Power steering is achieved through a fast acting autopilot system slightly reducing the power to either port or starboard motor to keep the course straight. This powerful steering system is very effective and the small turning circle ensures it gets back on course almost immediately in rough surf conditions. No rudders or servos to damage!

Two 20Amp hour LiFe Po4 batteries (one in each hull) give the device a staggering 55-minute run time at full power and saves weight! The weight of our 60 lbs. thrust version is around the same as most other 46lbs to 54lbs thrust kontikis.

In addition to the improved hydrodynamic efficiency, the new configuration gives unique options when fishing in rough conditions. In extreme conditions a small mainline reel at the stern can be used to deploy up to 500 metres of mainline from the ShoreThing Kontiki so the kontiki doesn't have to pull anything through the turbulent water (not shown on diagram). This removes all line drag behind the ShoreThing Kontiki until it is in calmer water beyond the breaking surf. 

This is an incredibly efficient way of getting through the most problematic part of setting through surf!

Note: A cross bar at the top of the stern provides a central tow point for the mainline, it is not shown because there are several options. The strobe and flag are also omitted from the diagram.

The motors automatically stop three minutes after the weight is released to ensure the hooks are deployed straight and under tension. 

In extreme conditions the new ShoreThing Kontiki can carry up to 4kg of weight or a breakout grapple to ensure the gear stays in place until it's time to haul it in.

The prototype has been thoroughly tested, (See Pics of Prototype Below) and we are commencing a production run of the streamlined version over the coming months. 

Because we are fabricating the hulls from aluminium we can customise the length, weight, buoyancy and power to best suit your needs. 

Initially the ShoreThing Kontiki units will be only be made to order. Prices will vary between $2900 and $3500 depending on battery selection, motor choice, anodising and the extras you require.

If there is sufficient interest we will get a special aluminium die made for the extrusion of a vee bottom hull to ensure low speed planing and even faster setting speeds.

If you are interested in getting hold of the ultimate kontiki system then please let us know. Call Morgan Ph 021 548 377 or Paul Ph 021 192 6328 or Contact Us Here

To Avoid Delays Order Now - Orders are built on a first come first served basis. 

These kontikis are built to order. A deposit will be required to secure your place if you require one of the Catamaran Kontikis urgently, or request a special design alteration. 

Prototype Testing Regime

We have been working on this project for over a year - here is a bit of background about our testing during the Research and Development phase.

The prototypes were mainly used to determine the best motor angles, steering mechanisms and methods (including swivelling yolk and differential power) and motor placement positions for best balance on the water.

Now that we have learnt everything we can from the prototype all the hoses wires and electronics and switches can be placed inside the hulls. The production models will be very streamlined compared to the prototype.

While the swivel steering looked great, it was only marginally faster than varying the power to each of the motors when the yolk was fixed, the extra weight and water resistance of swivel steering compromised both strength and performance making it the least favoured method. 

Note:  We found for motors over 30lbs thrust each - or the if the hulls are less than 125 diameter or shorter than the pic above - additional floatation at the front between the motors is needed to support the extra weight.  The float is essential for the 92lbs thrust option with twin 46lbs motors.

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