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PFS October 31st Newsletter - SplashDrone SD4 Video

PFS October 31st Newsletter - SplashDrone SD4 Video


SplashDrone SD4 Drone Fishing Video

Fishing with the new SplashDrone SD4 Profish fishing droneThis video explains how to set it up for fishing, we don't get in to the specifics of the camera on this video but the Profish comes with a 4K camera on 1-axis gimbal. 

We demonstrate the Powerflip function - how to flip the SD4 from being upside down in the water, although this is an 'in case of emergency' function as salt water can still damage the drone over time. Click THIS LINK or the photo below to check it out. 

SwellPro FD1 Drone Fishing Video

Want the lift and water resistant features but don't need the camera? Check out the SwellPro FD1 with tension release starting at $1799 or FD1 with mechanical release for $1999. Stocks on both of these are currently nil, with very few arriving in November. 

There is a waiting list, and orders will be sent in chronological order. To get on the list, get your orders in as soon as possible. Check out the FD1 Video AT THIS LINK or click the photo below

Condor Fishing Drones - New Push Button Mechanical Release! 

The new A22S Condor with mechanical release with tension failsafe is available now in limited numbers. Our first batch of these came and went within a day! To learn more get in touch with us, we don't currently have any videos fishing with the new release, but have this short video showing how it works.

The AEE Condor Fisherman has a maximum casting distance of 1000 metres, and is ideal for fishing in up to 15 knots. The A22S drone is exactly the same as the A20S, just with the new mechanical release. This can not be retrofitted to existing drones. 

Splashdrone 4 and FD1 Drones

Our first batch of these have come and gone, more arriving in November. If you haven't already ordered then the next available drones will be mid to late November, if you have ordered then we will be getting your orders out around the 10th when they arrive in NZ. Our range of drones and fishing packages can be found at this link or by clicking the photo below. 

The Splashdrone FD1 has a payload of up to 2kg, and a range of 1.6km. Starting at $1799 for the basic FD1 with tension release they are the best value water resistant drone on the market. 

Click and Collect

Please be patient with online and phone orders for pick up, we are very busy and are all working as hard as we can to get your orders ready. We understand that many of you have left us messages and sent emails, we will get to these when we can but please remember we will contact you when your order is ready. 

Afterpay, Zip, and Genoapay Payment Options

Want it now but want to pay it off? Afterpay and Zip have joined Genoapay on our website, these interest-free installment plans allow you to get your fishing gear straight away and pay it off with no interest of fees. Shop online to use these payment methods. 

Alvey Fishing Rods, Reels, and Accessories

Paul's Fishing Systems is the new Alvey distributor for New Zealand. We have limited stocks, see the range online at this link Alvey Fishing New Zealand

If you have any specific requirements that you don't see online, let us know and we will order it in for you. For those of you that have been waiting, the new Alvey Orbiter OSR160 and Alvey Stealth Hybrid reels have arrived and are available now!

LegaSea - Fish For The People - If You Haven't Subscribed, Do So Now!

Paul's Fishing Systems has had a long history with LegaSea, and are now Gold sponsors. If you haven't signed up to their newsletters yet, please do so as these are the people who are making sure you keep your rights to go fishing. It costs nothing to subscribe, but donations are welcome as this is not a funded operation and relies on people like us to help them help us

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Posted: Sun 31 Oct 2021



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