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Shimano Dendou Maru 9000 Beastmaster Electric Reel

Shimano Dendou Maru 9000 Beastmaster Electric Reel
This release has been developed to improve power, durability and heat dispensation. Its brushless GigaMax motor delivers higher torque and durability with high speed motor turn.
NZ$ 1,845.99
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The Shimano Dendou Maru 9000 Beastmaster electric reel has a new type of durability gears can withstand the biggest fish. The easy heat dispensation with "Heat Free System II" gives a far better performance to your drag.

Many new features are built-in including jigging mode, depth location measured from the bottom or surface and an electric drag sound to make fishing even more exciting. This is truly a Beast among all Electric reels.

Shimano Dendou Maru 9000 Beastmaster Specs

  • Gear Ratio - 3.1:1
  • Retrieve Rate - 165m/min
  • Bearings - 5
  • Max Drag - 25kg
  • Braid Capacity- 80lb / 1257yds
  • Weight - 1475g
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