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Seahorse Revo4 Kontiki Drone

Seahorse Revo4 Kontiki Drone
The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone has arrived. This amazing fishing drone will pull 25 hooks up to 1 kilometre offshore. It can also be used to carry very large baits (maximum 4kg), to chase sharks and other game fish from any land-based location. This simple, easy to use KontikiDrone is the first affordable drone that will deliver the performance everyone has been waiting for.
NZ$ 3,495.00
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Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone Package

  • Pre-Programmed transmitter (controller)
  • Four 16 inch Carbon Propellers
  • Two Seahorse high-performance LiPo batteries
  • One safety release clip.
  • One Battery Charger
  • One Battery voltage tester
  • One 110cm Landing Pad (great protection from sand)
  • Manual and Operating Instructions
  • All in it's own purpose made backpack
  • A complimentary six month service and checkup
  • Seahorse KontikiDrone Features


  • GPS controlled Flight mode or a stabilised or manual flight mode (GPS mode highly recommended)
  • Return to launch (Return to home) with auto-landing.
  • 1100-metre range (Geo-fenced)
  • 50-metre maximum altitude - won't endanger other aircraft
  • Reliable one switch bait/line release
  • One stick arming and disarming
  • Simple plug-in and fly - Seahorse will do the calibrations
  • 25 minute no load flight time (hover) at sea level
  • 7 minute flight time with a 2kg payload

  • Tri-pod landing feet - secure landing on any surface
  • Large indicating LED visible in direct sunlight
  • Powerful - simple screw on/off 16-inch carbon propellers
  • Anti-corrosion treatment on motors and electronics.
  • Sand resistant motors (helps prevent rust, and motor cleaning)
  • Condensation proof electronics
  • Stainless steel bearings in motors
  • Lube hole access for both motor bearings for easy maintenance
  • Simple reliable Drop on-demand Bait release
  • Line saver - this helps to prevent the line from going into the propellers
  • Internal closed cell lightweight floatation
  • Integrated handle for low profile and convenience
  • Modern asymmetric shape for easy visibility

  • 25 mins no load at sea level
  • Over seven minutes with a 2kg payload
  • The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone is a fishing drone, designed to carry large baits out to sea and return. They are built tough for the marine environment. They are not designed to land and take off from water, but they do have built-in floatation to keep them afloat if the worst happens.

    The Seahorse KontikiDrones are simple and easy to use, easy to fly and reliable.


    If something goes wrong, it could be a wet landing. It is important that your KontikiDrone is operating correctly and everything is excellent working order.

    Seahorse will be offering an annual service that will cover a complete service and performance check of the KontikiDrone. Our fully trained staff will also be able to perform any repairs, servicing or testing required.

    Testing all the batteries
  • Performance of the motors
  • Performance of the electronics
  • Checking the condition of the Kontiki and its components.
  • Ensuring everything is working as it should, including a test flight.
  • Seahorse is offering a complementary service and checkup after your first six months of flying.


    The Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone will be a nine month warranty to registered KontikiDrone owners, otherwise the warranty is limted to six months. This warranty costs the repair or replacement of faulty parts caused by faulty workmanship or faulty materials.

    The warranty does not cover the loss of a Seahorse KontikiDrone, line or accessories. It does not cover damage caused by misuse or water damage.

    Please note you must register your KontikiDrone with Seahorse to get the extended nine month warranty.


    A 12 month Extended Warranty Care Package can be purchased at the time of purchase and renewed for an additional 12 months (total 24 months) at the annual service.

    The Extended Warranty Car Package will include

  • The Annual Service (see above)
  • Repairing damaged parts caused by things that may not have been your fault.
  • The right to purchase a replacement Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone at a heavily discounted price if your Seahorse Revo4 KontikiDrone is lost at sea - conditions apply.
  • Please note this is not an insurance policy and does not cover theft.
  • The Extended Warranty Care Package offers peace of mind flying and the assurance that the Team at Seahorse will be there to resolve any issues that may arise.


    Yes, we ship our products worldwide. For orders outside New Zealand please send an enquiry (use the form above) so we can ensure you have the right product for your purpose, are aware of any spares you may need and quote you the best price for shipping and deduct all local Goods and Services Taxes from the product price before you place your order.  

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