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Saltwater Secrets - Sam Mossman

Saltwater Secrets - Sam Mossman
In his sixth published work, Sam Mossman zeroes in on the essence of some of the more interesting aspects of New Zealand fishing, avoiding going over too much old ground.
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There is very little game fishing or saltwater fly fishing in this volume, for example. To achieve the depth of coverage he required, there has obviously not been the space to cover all aspects of fishing in this country. But there is something for everyone, and it is likely that readers will learn at least a few things they were not aware of that will help improve results and enjoyment.

There is a fair amount about preparing and cooking various species of fish in this book, but you will not find the usual 'how to fillet a snapper' stuff here. Rather, if you want to know some more interesting stuff, like how to smoke snapper roe, cook piper, fillet flounder, process squid, and fully utilise fish by-products, you will find it here. There is the nitty-gritty of tackle, technique, and how it all applies to specific fish.

The stuff in this book is an 'inside' of fishing, learned from a lifetime on the water. Every thing written about here the author has done, tried or investigated. Some of the techniques, rigs and gear he has developed himself, others have been learned from 'the old bloke', or adopted or adapted from other anglers. Where, for example, he gives figures on the strength of certain knots, Sam has been in the lab, and checked it out himself. Likewise, all the tackle and fishing techniques written about have been 'ground-proofed' on the water.

  • Paperback, 196 pages
  • Publisher: Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd
  • ISBN: 0790010267
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