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Powertiki PT-430 Electric Kontiki

Powertiki PT-430 Electric Kontiki
The Powertiki 430 combines the most powerful electric trolling motor suitable for electric kontikis - a 30lbs thrust 12 volt trolling motor- with the sleekest double ended shape possible.
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The Powertiki PT 400 has well proven performance in challenging conditions, handling most west coast surf conditions with ease. The new Powertiki PT430 makes kontiki fishing even easier and more enjoyable.

Building on the streamlined shape of the original Powertiki 400, the new model offers improved running times and more power due to its three battery design. Another improvement is better steering with a smaller adjustable rudder fitted at the stern.

These modifications ensure the Powertiki PT 430 easily tows a line out to 1800 metres offshore in 20 minutes in flat conditions.

Powertiki PT430 Features

  • New positioning of the rudder enables better steering and control with less drag. Unlike other fixed rudder kontikis, it can still be adjusted if required for strong offshore currents.
  • New three battery design for longer running times, more sets and more power. The batteries are three x 12 volt - 7 Amp Hour.
  • Easily rechargeable. Automatic battery charger provided with purchase.
  • Powerful 30lb thrust Mercury trolling motor that is still safe to use - anything stronger is difficult to control, and may pull you out into the surf with it!
  • Rotationally moulded high visibility polyethylene hull that is light weight, durable, completely waterproof, and easy to carry with a pre-moulded handle.
  • Fully sealed push button timer switch set in resin. Simple to use and adjustable from 5 through to 35 minutes running time.
  • Timer LED display and battery power level indicator is easily viewable through the clear hatch.
  • The electrically controlled timer ensures no magnet is required - so it won't stop you fishing if you lose the magnet. This is a common problem with some other models.
  • Proven longevity and reliability.
  • Bright orange waterproof flag for daytime spotting through the surf.
  • Night activated battery powered strobe light for easy visibility in the evening or in overcast conditions.
  • The Powertiki 430 Has A ONE YEAR Warranty
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  • This package is ideal for those who already have their own mainline, reel and traces and want to have an electric kontiki line towing option for those days when wind or conditions don't suit their current system.

  • Make sure you thoroughly check your old mainline for nicks and scuffs and that it is strong enough to do the job before connecting the Powertiki.
  • Note : We recommend a minimum of 100kg breaking strain for your mainline.
  • Powertiki PT430 Pack Includes

  • Powertiki 430 Electric Kontiki
  • Three x 12 volt batteries
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Instructions
  • One Year Warranty

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