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Power Train 12v 3 Stage 4a Set and Forget Lead Acid Battery Charger

Power Train 12v 3 Stage 4a Set and Forget Lead Acid Battery Charger
Simple to use set and forget battery charger for smaller lead acid batteries used in power sport, motorbikes, ride on mowers and more. This model has a fully automated 3 stage charging process and is compatible with traditional flooded lead acid batteries as well as GEL, AGM and Calcium.
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The charger utelises a pulse algorithm charging cycle that is designed to breakdown sulphation on batteries internal lead plates. This slows down the battery degradation and improves capacity and performance. Please note that pulse charging will not rejuvenate a battery that is past its life or is no longer holding charge. This process only improves longevity for existing fully functioning batteries.

The battery charger will automatically switch to maintenance mode when the battery reaches fully charged voltage. This will maintain the battery at optimal voltage with no risk of over-charging.

A fully automatic set and forget charger for all your smaller lead acid battery types in one small form factor package.


CE, EMC, SAA and C-Tick Approved
Charges from Zero Volts
Fully Automatic 3 Stage Charging
Boost, Absorption, Maintain Charge Stages
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Protection
Compact Design
Mounting Wholes for Permanent Installation


Output Current: 4a
Output Voltage: 12v
Input Voltage: 175-225v AC / 50-60Hz
Battery Type Selector: GEL, Calcium, Lead Acid / AGM
Start Up Voltage: 0
Charge Stages: 3
Output Voltage Boost: 14.8v
Output Voltage Absorption: 14.8v
Output Voltage Float: 13.7v
Battery Range Maintain: 200ahr
Battery Range Charge: 30-50ahr

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