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Ocean Angler Lightbulb Jig Heads - Green

Ocean Angler Lightbulb Jig Heads - Green
This product might appear simple, but lots of thought went into its inception. The result is a range of soft-plastic lead-heads that's suitable for all the Z-Man soft-plastic products on offer - or even the opposition's if you must.
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The UV-reflective jig-head is central to the overall concept, being especially effective in waters to 25m or more (depending on material suspension) and literally 'shining' on dull, overcast days, as UV rays penetrate the cloud cover, lighting it up!

OTHER FEATURES All jig-head colours and weights are armed with a 3/0 hook - small enough to usually be taken along with the soft-bait, but big enough to get a secure hold, and strong enough to land the biggest of snapper and good-sized kingfish. The hook itself is an unsung hero - not an Owner this time, but very rust-resistant, reliable and strong; we have yet to see one bent out on standard soft-baiting gear.


Standard Shank range: These weights cover the realistic soft-baiting opportunities on offer in water from 1-70 metres deep! The short shank is also important, allowing the soft-bait plenty of tail movement, just so you know, the standard-length shank works well on all SB tails to 7in.

Long Shank range: We can understand why many anglers would prefer a longer shank for the 7 and 10” Z-Mans, as this provides improved coverage along the lure's length, this long-shank version is especially for them - without sacrificing too much of the Z-Man's wonderful fish-attracting flexibility!

Weights: 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, 5/8 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1 oz

UV reflective 'eye' colour options: Pink, Blue, Green.

On-the-water tips: Lightbulbs are best attached with a Rapala/Lefty Kreh Loop knot (but a Uni knot will do), allowing freedom of movement and being very strong. Avoid lifting fish into the boat by the trace only, as the knot will eventually wear at that spot. Instead, lift the fish out by gripping the jig-head or using a landing net.

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