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Kilwell NZ Powerplay 1402 222 Distance Surf Rod

Kilwell NZ Powerplay 1402 222 Distance Surf Rod
The Distance model DIS222FX is the perfect choice for the serious surfcaster who aspires to cast further. The Distance 222 is a fishing rod that will increase your ability to consistently put your bait out into the top fish feeding areas.
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NZ$ 749.99

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The combination of a TEXALIUM Power Butt and a carbon tip gives you a rod with huge reserves of power and strength while the slimline profile means that the all important balance, blank loading and power transmission needed to achieve a long cast are inbuilt into the rod.

Kilwell Powerplay 222FX Specifications

  • 4.27m
  • 2 piece blank
  • 55-170g cast weight
  • Like all Kilwell branded products these rods have a Kilwell Lifetime warranty.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand by KILWELL RODCRAFT.

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