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GT Kontiki Autopilot Kontiki

GT Kontiki Autopilot Kontiki
The GT Kontiki is a world's first - an electronic longline fishing system with sophisticated point-and-go 'autopilot' steering that follows a pre-programmed magnetic bearing. All GT Kontiki kits come with a 24-month warranty.
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Parts of a GT Kontiki

The GT Kontiki is a world's first - an electronically controlled longline fishing system with sophisticated point-and-go 'autopilot' steering that follows a pre-programmed magnetic bearing and a powerful electric motor offering 50-pounds (24kg) of thrust.

The GT Kontiki Hull

The GT Kontiki features several unique design features to make your fishing experience safer and more enjoyable and to ensure you catch more fish than your mates do.

The kontiki's high visibility orange hull has a unique twin-fin tail section to aid stability while moving through the water. The twin fins also allow it to sit upright on the beach for easy battery installation and programming.

The sealed hull houses the GT Kontiki's batteries, digital electronic autopilot system, LED indicator panel and stainless steel towing eye. An easy to open alloy hatch features an overlapping design and sealing system that provides total protection to the batteries and internal components. A counter weight compensates for the rotational torque of the propeller. All parts are made from corrosion-resistant materials. A fluorescent orange marker flag makes the unit easy to see in the surf and a strobe light provides visibility at night or in low light conditions.

The GT Kontiki propulsion system

The sealed, marine-grade electric motor, propeller and rudder system are bolted to the outside of the hull. A streamlined, stainless steel propeller guard protects against fouling, contact with the sand or other underwater obstructions, and helps with directional stability. The exclusive GT Kontiki high-thrust electric motor is the most powerful kontiki motor available, with more than enough punch to handle the roughest west coast seas. It features three-speed propulsion, soft-start functionality, and anti-stall overload protection. The motor's unique hydro-dynamically shaped nose cuts through the waves, for superior performance in rough conditions. The GT Kontiki's rudder keeps the kontiki on a pre-selected bearing. Unlike other kontikis, the GTK will not beach itself because it has strayed off course. The rudder automatically redirects the GTK to its set bearing whenever rips, currents, waves or sandbars push it off course.

GTK Batteries

The GT Kontiki's battery bank provides the energy to propel the GT Kontiki through heavy surf, towing up to two kilometres of line and 25 baited hooks. You may run two or three batteries, depending on desired run time and sea conditions. Motor run time varies with battery charge level, motor speed and the number of batteries installed.

The GT Kontiki system comes with three 12-volt by 9-amp/hour gel batteries and four 4 Stage Smart Charger which represents the world's most up to date technology for lead-acid type battery charging. This comes with a power board.

Based on three fully charged new GTK 12V 9Amp/hr batteries (27 Amp/hr in total), you should get between 17 to 22 min run time, which should send the GTK out between 1.2 to 1.6km, depending on the sea conditions. Please note, older batteries or not 100% fully charged batteries will reduce this run time.

Autopilot and Control Panel

The sophisticated magnetic compass controlled electronic autopilot system is what sets the GT Kontiki apart from all other electric kontikis. The autopilot controls the rudder keeping the GT Kontiki on a pre-programmed heading. The user-friendly control panel displays easy to read, ultra-bright LED indicators for battery life, bearing setting confirmation, speed setting and motor run time. It is a sealed unit programmed with a handy magnetic stylus. The housing of the magnetic stylus is aluminium and has a shroud to help prevent picking up unwanted objects. It comes with a handy cord to hang around your neck or you can loop it through the handle of your GT Kontiki for safekeeping.

For safety reasons, the GT Kontiki motor will not start until the user has selected a bearing and the motor run time and speed have been set and locked.

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