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Daiwa Saltist LTD Spin Reels - Summer Stunner Sale!

Daiwa Saltist LTD Spin Reels - Summer Stunner Sale!
The Saltist LTD introduces unrivalled ground-breaking technology to the world at a price point never available before. Featuring many of Daiwa's innovative technologies like Magseal, Magsealed Line Roller, ATD, Digigear II, and Air Rotor. As well as many standard designs like ABS Spool, and CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings), the Saltist LTD sets the standard as one of our finest heavy-duty spinning reels available.
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The Saltist LTD introduces unrivalled ground-breaking technology to the world at a price point never available before. Digigear II, Magseal, ATD, Magsealed Line Roller and Air Rotor feature in the Saltist LTD.

Given the popularity of saltwater fishing, reducing water penetration is a major goal to minimise corrosion, promote longer life and better performance. Daiwa found a solution - Magseal, this system greatly reduces the penetration of water inside the body via the main shaft. Being magnetised, this lubrication system avoids any friction, reduces dust intrusion, eliminates oil spray and improves reel life expectancy.

Not content with Magsealing the rotor/anti-reverse system, Saltist also introduces a fully contained Magsealed line roller system to attenuate water intrusion, maintain rotation smoothness and increase part longevity. Magseal has now reached the pinnacle of evolution.

Daiwa's ATD Drag System implements structural changes to the spool metal of the reel that provides greater support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft. This additional support of the spool reduces spool twist under load, promotes more even wear of the drag washers and ultimately reduces pulsing of the drag when fighting the fish. Combined with improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag startup. This reduces initial drag startup inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.

Air Rotor design is further enhanced with a hollowed-out construction reducing weight while increasing reel sensitivity and rotational balance. Providing unrivalled strength, balance, and lightness, Air Rotor is the ultimate rotor for the ultimate heavy-duty spin reel.

Daiwa's innovative Tough Airbail provides trouble-free line control and features a hollow tubular stainless steel, protrusion-free, bail arm design that allows line to slide unencumbered along the Airbail towards the line roller.

Featuring maximum rigidity and strength, yet minimum weight, Tough Airbail eliminates post-cast loose line snagging and hanging up on the reel for improved casting performance.

Saltist LTD also features many of Daiwa's standard designs like ABS spool, Digigear and all CRBB (corrosion resistant ball bearings).

The new Saltist LTD sets the standard as one of our finest heavy-duty reels available.

Daiwa Saltist LTD Features

Saltist LTD 4000

  • Gear Ratio - 5.7:1
  • Bearings - 9+1
  • Drag - 8kg
  • Line Capacity - PE 2.5/300m

  • Saltist LTD 5000

  • Gear Ratio - 5.7:1
  • Bearings - 9+1
  • Drag - 10kg
  • Line Capacity - PE 5/300m

  • Saltist LTD 6500

  • Gear Ratio - 5.3:1
  • Bearings - 9+1
  • Drag - 15kg
  • Line Capacity - PE 8/300m


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