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Bullet Fishing 54lb Sonar Autopilot Kontiki - Lithium Battery Pack

 Bullet Fishing 54lb Sonar Autopilot Kontiki - Lithium Battery Pack
The world's only Sonar-equipped autopilot kontiki. Automatically stops your hooks where the fish are! Complete with 2 x lithium 18.2ah batteries, 1 x lead acid battery, and chargers.
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Now with Super Smart magnetic operated timer -TimerX with GPS

Bulletfishing believe in sustainability of our fish stocks and as we all know regulations are set to allow fisherman to catch a quantity of fish up to the legal limit.

One of the downfalls of kontiki fishing is the waste that can occur with fish that are hooked and left to drown on long lines that sometimes are not retrieved for over an hour or more while the fisherman is waiting for the fish to come along. The longer a fish is hooked the less chance of its survival if it is to be released. We developed and patented the bulletfishing sonar kontiki with conservation in mind. You can still only take your legal limit but with the sonar system the turn around time is so much quicker and the smaller or unwanted fish have a much better chance of survival upon release.

We have found that the kontiki can be retrieved after only 15 or 20 minutes, because if the kontiki has stopped within the preset run time it can be safely assumed it has stopped on fish, any fish caught are still very much alive, and if released they have a much greater chance of survival.

A similar catch rate to a conventional kontiki can be had using fewer hooks, this results in less bait usage. With a much shorter soak time there is less chance of attracting sharks with dead or dying fish on the line. The distance the fish are can be surprisingly short, often a school of fish is close to shore so you can get multiple sets before the batteries are exhausted.

TimerX with GPS function

Bulletfishing TimerX magnet operated Sonar Kontiki operating instructions.

The TimerX has several special features that make it simply old fashioned awesome. Its not only the easiest to use but its also the smartest! To set all features you just need the magnet.

With TimerX you can

  • Set the kontiki run time from 10 to 30 minutes in 5 minute increments.
  • Set the surf-zone which is the delay before the sonar is turned on.
  • Operate the kontiki with our patented sonar fish detection either on or off.
  • Start the kontiki using our patented auto-start feature when launching to safely start the kontiki motor.
  • Note: The auto-pilot takes only 2 seconds to set its course and this happens automatically the same time you are setting the kontiki runtime.

    Setting your kontiki prior to launch

  • Place kontiki in the desired direction of travel.
  • Place magnet over SELECT SET panel on Kontiki TimerX decal the green 10 minute LED will illuminate and a second later the red SONAR LED will illuminate. Keep the magnet on the SELECT SET panel and the green LED will advance from 10-15-20-25-30 minutes, take the magnet away once the desired run time LED is illuminated.
  • The auto-start is now armed, the sonar is set, the auto-pilot course plotted and the Kontiki is ready to launch.
  • Caution: Now its armed a brush of the hand or clothing over the AUTO-START panel on the TimerX decal could start the motor so be careful and keep clear of the propeller.
  • Place the kontiki in the water and the auto-start will start the Kontiki motor and it will run until either the run time has elapsed or a school of fish has been detected.
  • Note: The Kontiki motor can be stopped by placing a magnet over the START STOP panel on the TimerX decal.
  • Special TimerX Features

    Surf-Zone. The Surf-Zone setting is the delay from the launch point to when you want the TimerX to turn the sonar on. This is useful if you are wanting to get the Kontiki out a long way, maybe past a pesky school of bait fish in close and out onto your favourite happy hunting ground!
    Note: We have set the minimum surf-zone delay to 4 minutes.

    The Surf-Zone delay can be easily changed by the operator by placing the magnet over the START STOP panel on the TimerX decal with the kontiki batteries disconnected and then connecting one of the batteries, once the battery is connected remove the magnet and the 4 (which is also the 10 minute) green LED will illuminate.

    Now place the magnet over the panel on the TimerX decal and the LED will advance from 4 to 8 and so on all the way up to 20, these numbers correspond to the delay in minutes before the sonar is turned on.

    Once the Surf-Zone delay period is reached remove the magnet and place it over the START STOP panel on the TimerX decal again and all the LEDS will illuminate for a second indicating success and your new Surf-Zone setting will be stored in the TimerX memory even when the batteries are removed but you can change it at any time.
    Now reboot the system by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting and its good to go.

    Note: The stored Surf-zone setting can be checked by connecting a kontiki battery and then placing a magnet over the START STOP panel on the TimerX decal, the red SONAR LED will start flashing, these flashes will correspond to the saved Surf-zone setting, I.E. 8 flashes equals 8 minutes Surf-zone delay and so on.

    Operation with Sonar turned off

    If for any reason you don't want to use the sonar, follow the same instructions outlined above: Setting your kontiki prior to launch: But when you get to setting the time once the 30minute LED is reached leave the magnet in place and it will cycle over to the 10 minute LED but this time the RED Sonar LED will be off. Keep holding the magnet on the SELECT SET panel and the green LED will advance from 10-15-20-25-30 minutes, take the magnet away once the desired run time LED is illuminated.

    Note: The sonar will not turn on during its run if the RED sonar LED is not illuminated.

    Note: The default setting for the sonar is on, if you want to operate with the sonar turned off you will need to follow the process described above of cycling past the 30 minute LED for each set.


    TimerX will calculate the distance from when the fish school is detected and the kontiki will continue for another 180m before the motor stops, the baits exactly presented where the fish were detected.

    LED Alerts

    Once the kontiki is retrieved all LEDs will be off except under the following circumstances:

  • Low battery cutout. If the kontiki motor stops due to flat batteries one or more of the green LEDs will be on.
  • Fish Alert. If the red sonar LED is flashing that is confirmation that the sonar has stopped the kontiki on fish.

  • Bullet Battery Pack

  • Comes with 2 x 12v 18.2ah lithium batteries, plus a 12v 9ah SLA for balance
  • Includes chargers for the SLA and lithium batteries
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