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Bullet Fishing Kontiki Winch

Bullet Fishing Kontiki Winch
Built strong by Bullet Fishing in NZ and won't rattle to bits on the beach. ​
NZ$ 1,299.00

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Bullet Fishing Kontiki Winch

  • Fully welded drum, will hold over 3000m.
  • Drum size is 285 x 285mm with 100mm center.
  • 8mm drum sides, thinner than this and the sides will buckle.
  • Only weighs 12.2kg empty
  • Overall dimensions 390 deep x 490 wide x 330 high
  • Marine grade aluminium drum and chassis.
  • 12 volt marinised 4 pole 200w motor that uses an oil filled freewheel gearbox which is manufactured at the factory exclusively for Bullet Fishing, to their specifications, to handle the extreme pulling torque that this motor produces, drum speed is 100rpm.
  • Simple to use, just move gear lever to disengage/engage drive.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Easy to mount on quad bike or spike onto beach.
  • The flat base keeps the drum and line out of the sand so extends the life of the mono by limiting abrasion.
  • Manual retrieval handle included.
  • Solid rubber bungy cord, tension is easily adjustable to help prevent overruns.
  • Single 3 position 'On-Off-momentary' switch for safety and ease of use.
  • We only use new components and a full range of spare parts are available.
  • Wiring is tin plated high temperature silicon marine cable to resist corrosion and terminals for batteries and charger are included. We now use xt-60 terminals for extended corrosion resistance.
  • Includes XT60 to standard Seahorse/Predator/Powertiki type connector
  • Line Options

    We can spool this winch the way you like it. Our standard set up is 150m leader, 160m stoppered section, 1850m mainline. This makes our longlines 2160m total length. If you require any changed to this, let us know as we can customise it however you need.

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