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Bullet Fishing Kontiki Auto Pilot Auto Start - Lithium Battery Pack

Bullet Fishing Kontiki Auto Pilot Auto Start - Lithium Battery Pack
We have designed in-house an accurate kontiki navigation system that will operate globally, seamlessly and flawlessly to keep your Kontiki steering in the direction you want it. What’s more the bulletfishing is unaffected by iron sand which is present on many of our New Zealand West Coast beaches and lost GPS signal will not stop you from fishing. 2 x lithium 18.2ah batteries, 1 x lead acid battery, and chargers.
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Bullet Auto Pilot Auto Start Kontiki

  • Fully automatic electronic Auto-pilot.
  • 54lb thrust quality zinc anode protected motor.
  • Magnet operated timer.
  • 5-10-15-20-25-30 minute setting.
  • Low battery cutout to extend battery life.
  • Auto-cutout of the motor if the propeller is jammed.
  • Auto-start, place the kontiki in the water and the motor starts once the timer is set.
  • High impact UV stabilised polyethylene hull with molded in inserts.
  • Sleek and streamlined for less drag through the water.
  • Silicone hatch seal for unequaled water ingress protection.
  • 3 x 12v 9ah batteries.
  • Comes complete with 'smart' charger and night activated strobe light.
  • Wiring is tin plated high temperature silicon marine cable to resist corrosion. We use xt-60 terminals for extended corrosion resistance.

Operation: Magnetic timer

  • Place the Kontiki on the beach in the desired direction of travel.
  • Move magnet over the "SELECT" button at the end of the timer decal.
  • The LED lights will run through a sequence over several seconds, once the LED sequence stops the rudder is set.
  • Set the run time by placing the magnet over the "SELECT" button, the LEDs will advance from 5-10-15-20-25 to 30 minutes while the magnet is held in place, remove the magnet once the desired run time LED is illuminated.
  • The Kontiki is now armed and can be launched, the motor can be started by placing the kontiki in the water or by using the magnet over the START/STOP button on the timer decal.
  • The Kontiki motor can be stopped and the timer reset by placing the magnet over the START/STOP button.

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