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AEE Condor Drone Fishing Instructions

AEE Condor Drone Fishing Instructions
Full instructions for calibrating and fishing with an AEE Condor fishing Drone.

IMPORTANT: Please take note of the correct techniques for drone calibration and battery installation. Failure to do so may put your drone at risk.

Paul from Paul's Fishing Systems has safely fished with drones for over 12 months and has well over 300 successful fishing sets worth of experience under his belt. Paul has had no drone losses while fishing to date and catches fish over 95% of the times he goes fishing. Paul has also tested drones to destruction during some the rigourous testing of drones under consideration for fishing. This testing was undertaken in wide open spaces over land.

Paul warns that there is an abundance of crash causing fishing advice and methods promoted on the internet. If you are fishing with our AEE Condor Drone follow advice and instructions from this page or from Paul's videos and you can't go wrong.

Paul's wealth of drone fishing experience makes the following drone tips well worth reading.

Drone Fishing AEE CONDOR - Read The Instructions

Drone fishing can be very safe and simple if you follow a few basic guidelines.

  1. Before you test fly your drone read the instructions attached below until you understand them.
  2. Before you test fly your drone ensure the battery is securely inserted and the lock latch is fully engaged. Make it click - Watch video.

    If you have ignored the instructions and take off with an uncalibrated drone with insufficient satellites connected to the remote and drone the GPS function is compromised and this can lead to circular flight, lack of response to controls or a fly away. (This is the case with all drones). If you have taken off with an uncalibrated drone switch to normal mode


    The video below shows the calibration process.

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