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Premier 65kg Dropper Rig With Skyhook

Premier 65kg Dropper Rig With Skyhook
This kite fishing rig will maximise your fishable days on the west coast and is great for any East or West Coast beach.
NZ$ 599.99

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Photo Right: Morgan Barnes and Ian James with a couple of nice west coast snapper taken on a 65kg Premier Dropper Rig.

Because the mainline is supported clear of the water, dropper rigs can easily fish areas of high surf and strong rips impossible to fish with any other system.

Extremely safe and productive, this rig is supplied ready to fish clear sandy beaches.

Easily adapted to fish floating baits or lures, ledger rigs or dhan lines, or cast out other lines this is the ultimate west coast rig!

The most popular in our range of Dropper Rig systems, this powerful 65kg rig is sure to please with its versatility and portability.

A very efficient and productive rig, the Premier Dropper Rig is absolutely complete and ready to fish. Just add bait!

The Large Skyhook supplied with this rig provides much more power in adverse conditions and is a great benefit for fishing in light winds or strong long shore currents.

The 65kg dropper rig is perfect for safely fishing areas where sharks or snags are a concern.

The hook section is designed to snap at a safety trace if the hook section becomes snagged or the catch of sharks and stingrays is too heavy for the mainline.

The other major benefit of the 65kg dropper rig is that sharks pose no risk to the mainline.

This is because the mainline is out of the water so sharks can not bite through it.

Like all of our Dropper Rigs this rig has exceptional performance in areas of high surf, strong currents or longshore rip tides.

The protective and portable PVC kite carry case shown with this rig is available for an additional cost. Please feel free to contact us for a price.

The Premier 65kg Dropper Rig With Skyhook Has These Advantages

  • Top performing kite rig design for kite fishing in areas of strong rips and currents
  • Can be safely fished in areas where sharks are prevalent
  • Can be safely fished in areas where snagging is possible
  • The kite is protected from loss due to sharks and snags because the hooks are not on the mainline
  • Fish in winds from 7-10 knots through to 35 knots
  • An ideal all purpose rig which can be easily modified for fishing over reef and trolling for gamefish

Below: Video from one of our customers

This Rig Includes:

  • 1 x Nighthawk Kite
  • 2 x Spare Tawa Dowel
  • 1 x Tacking Rope
  • 1 x Safety Float
  • 1 x Large Skyhook
  • 1 x Standard 3:1 Ratio Geared Reel
  • 1 x Galvanised Reel Post
  • 1000 Metres 65kg Mainline/Kiteline
  • 1 x Large Trace Rack
  • 26 x Complete Pre-Tied Traces
  • 1 x 8oz Weight
  • 2 x 4oz Weights

1 x 10 Inch Handspool Furnished With:

  • 80 Metres 65kg Dropper Line
  • 1 x Pre-tied Kite Flag and Bottle Cord
  • 30 Metres 65kg Leader Line
  • 1 x Safety Trace
  • 2 x 10 Hook Pre-Stoppered Sections
  • Full Fishing and Rigging Instructions

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