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Splashdrone Profish Slammer 10500 VI Complete Ready to Fish Package

Splashdrone Profish Slammer 10500 VI Complete Ready to Fish Package
The SplashDrone Profish Fishing Kit. A ready to fish drone fishing rig complete with rod and reel spooled with 900 metres of 60lb Spectra, your choice of single piece or travel fishing rod, traces on rack, hook section, weights, rod spike. Just add bait.
NZ$ 3,449.99
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The Splash Drone 3 PLUS is the ultimate fishing drone! The Splash Drone can carry a baited fishing line to the desired location for perfect bait or lure delivery.

This product includes everything you need for the Drone including a Penn Slammer 10500 spooled with 900 metres of 60lb spectra line, a fishing rod (see options in drop down menu), 12 traces on a trace rack, 2 x 6 hook sections on a handspool, weights and beach rod spike. All you need is bait!

Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing!

With the ability for Splashdrone to lift up to 1kg of dead-weight, the Splash Drone 3 PLUS is able to carry multiple baits on a mini long-line to get your bait out to the strike-zone quickly and easily.

The Live Video Feed to your remote control lets you see where you are dropping your bait or lure, over a work-up, over a channel, beside a reef. Set your bait perfectly around bottom structure or fish activity every time!

If you need to know anything about Drone Fishing before you purchase yours give Morgan a call Ph 021 548 377.

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  • Durable Water-resistant Design
  • Thanks to its new flight control system, the Splash Drone is now even smarter.
  • Built to handle New Zealand's coastal environment, Splash Drone is at home around the ocean & even in the rain!
  • Reinforced 3mm ABS Fuselage
  • Buoyant
  • Custom designed hatch lid with pressure equalization vent for increased barometer accuracy

    Thanks to its newest flight controller Splash Drone is more stable than ever.

    Its brand new propulsion system with the new custom 620KV motors gives you the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

    With its advanced modular design, it can quickly adapt to all types of missions from aerial filming to search and rescue, ocean survey, fishing, and more!

    All In One Controller

  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • 40 channels diversity receiver
  • Built in 5 inch LCD screen
  • Splashdrone 3+ Profish Model

  • 4K Camera (recordable)
  • 1-Axis Gimbal
  • Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy
  • Record 4K Videos & Photos
  • Water Resistant
  • Package Includes

  • SplashDrone Profish
  • Penn Slammer 10500 Reel
  • Your choice of rod
  • 900m 60lb Spectra Braid
  • Trace Rack with 12 Target Snapper Traces
  • 2 x 6 Hook Sections on Spool
  • Beach Spike
  • 2 x 3oz Drone Sinkers
  • This is a complete JUST ADD BAIT package, ready to fish!

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