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25 Hook Boat Longline Handspool

25 Hook Boat Longline Handspool
A complete pre-tied 75kg Boat Longline on a 10" handspool. Great for fishing from any small boat.

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A complete pre-tied 75kg Boat Longline on a 10 inch handspool.

Great for fishing from any small boat.

This kit includes two dropper lines and a 25 hook pre-stoppered hook section for the productive running trace system.

Simply add floats or marker buoys and traces to use this efficient longline system.

Traces, floats and trace rack sold separately.

The 25 Hook Boat Longline Handspool Has These Advantages:

  • This pre-stoppered mainline has stoppers made from nylon braid which is whipped around the mainline before being glued securely in place
  • This is the same product used by commercial fishers
  • Pre-stoppered mainlines allow the trace clip to slide freely between the stops
  • The fish picks up the bait and runs with it until the clip strikes the stop
  • This actively sets the hook securely into the fish

This Rig Includes:

  • 1 x 10 Inch Handspool
  • 2 x 50 Metre 100kg Dropper Lines
  • 2 x Size 6 Coastlock Clips
  • 2 x Pre-Tied Braided Cord Inserts
  • 110 x Metres of 75kg Pre-Stoppered Hook Section

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