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Kontiki Fishing

Kontiki fishing allows fishers to tow 25 hook long lines or dropper fishing rigs up to 2000 meters offshore. Check out our ShoreThing kontiki for shark areas!

Kontiki fishing works best when the surf is less than two meters, the current is not too strong and when deployed over clear sandy bottom types.

Avoid using kontikis in areas where a lot of sharks are present unless you have a ShoreThing.

A ShoreThing should also be used if drifting weed is present to keep the baited hooks free from weed while fishing.

  • Electric Kontiki Torpedoes
    Kontiki fishing is a popular option for deploying snapper long lines well offshore. Kontikis should be used from clear sandy beaches where they can be very productive.
  • Electric Winches
    A collection of available kontiki winches from Seahorse, Predator, and Paul's Fishing Systems famous 230w Kite and Kontiki winch.
  • Kontiki Batteries and Chargers
    A selection of the best quality batteries and chargers at the lowest available prices to suit all brands of kontiki including Seahorse, Predator, Kentiki, Conrad Meier Fish Harvester.
  • Kontiki Fishing Traces
    Full Range of kontiki traces for any length trace racks with a variety of flashers and floats.
  • Kontiki Fishing Trolleys
    A range of fishing trolleys designed to help you get your fishing gear to and from the beach.
  • Seahorse Electric Kontikis
    Seahorse is owned and operated by the Scherer Family who live in the original birthplace of kontiki fishing - Tauranga, New Zealand. It's also where all Seahorse products are designed, developed and built.
  • ShoreThing Dropper Rig
    The ShoreThing protects your kontiki from loss due to shark bite-offs by deploying a separate hook section which prevents sharks biting through your mainline if they attack your hooked fish.
  • A range of accessories and spares for your Kontiki fishing set up.
  • Kontiki Longline Nylon Pre-stoppered Hook Section 1 x 25 300lb 160m
    One 300lb Nylon Pre-stoppered Hook Section to set up to 25 hooks. Ideal for bottom longline kite and kontiki rigs using the running trace system.

    NZ$ 69.99
  • Seahorse Winch Buggy
    The Seahorse Winch Buggy is a simple 2 wheel buggy to carry the winch and Kontiki from the car to and long the beach.
    NZ$ 375.00
  • 1110m 100kg Kontiki Longline Rig
    If you already have a kayak, surf ski, submarine or fishing kite and need all the fishing bits then this kit has everything you need to get you catching fish from shore

    NZ$ 420.00
  • 2100m 100kg Kontiki Longline Rig
    The business end of beach fishing for those with a kontiki or kayak to tow the rig offshore

    NZ$ 490.00
  • Seahorse Electric Kontiki Winch
    The Seahorse 150w Winch makes launching and retrieval of your seahorse a simple one person job. The three speed control unit and pulse function gives you full control.
    NZ$ 1,690.00
  • Predator 54lb Auto-Nav Kontiki
    The Predator’s intelligent shark design allows it to cut through the waves rather than bounce over the top and swing off course.
    NZ$ 2,590.00
  • Seahorse Kontiki 46lb Thrust GPS
    The GPS Seahorse has a built in automated GPS controlled autopilot system that will steer your kontiki in the direction you want. No need to adjust for side currents or worry about large waves knocking it off course.
    NZ$ 2,975.00
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  • Predator 54lb Auto Nav Hand Reel Package
    Predator's biggest and best self steering kontiki manual hand reel package. Complete with the 54lb thrust Auto Nav predator kontiki, batteries, charger, 2100m mainline, 26 Target Snapper traces, sinkers and instructions.
    NZ$ 3,490.00
    NZ$ 2,990.00
  • Predator 54lb Auto Nav Winch Package
    Predator's biggest and best self steering kontiki winch package. Complete with the 54lb thrust Auto Nav Predator kontiki, Predator winch, batteries, charger, 2100m mainline, 26 Target Snapper traces, sinkers and instructions.
    NZ$ 4,590.00
    NZ$ 4,490.00
  • Seahorse 46lb GPS Electric Winch Full Package
    The GPS Seahorse Electric Pack is the ultimate beach fishing package. The GPS Seahorse Kontiki is matched with the Seahorse winch and traceboard, it will give you everything you need. Just get some bait and your away fishing.
    NZ$ 4,975.00
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